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I’m Maria: a part-time lifestyle & business coach; a full-time mom of 2, award winning author…& wife to a husband that genuinely expands me like no one else can.

I left my 9-5 years ago and I haven’t looked back since! I now enjoy my days helping driven women grow their business & life without the burnout.

I’ve been there, and I took the long, painful road out. Since then, I’ve found joy in being a solopreneur, without it costing me what matters most – and helping others find that same harmony & joy is my ultimate passion.

I’ve learned a lot along the way (it was a tough road where I almost lost everything including my health) & I’m grateful to be in control of my life & time so I can live a full and meaningful life doing what I love most. And the best part is that I actually get to enjoy the moments with the people that mean the most to me.

I get to pay it forward to you, so you can rock the same boat! I’ve grown several 6 figure businesses in the last 15 yrs, and I’ve discovered many tried-and-proven systems to get it all DONE without the price of success, and all the sacrifices.

I’m confident that my programs will help you create what’s in your heart & succeed at it, without all the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.


The Journey

Out Of Disempowerment And Into ACTION

I know what it’s like to feel immobilized with concern after hearing some scientific stat about our planet’s future.

I totally get it.

We’re overwhelmed by the many challenges that are painting a dim future for our kids – and way too busy to do something about it.

The only reason why I can completely relate is because, like I said, I’ve been there – but I got out of there real quick.

Because honestly, that’s just an unproductive, resigned, disempowering place to be, and I couldn’t produce any results coming from that space.

The truth is, that no one can.

Stepping out of disempowerment and stepping into action will produce the results you dream of. The beauty of that is, that your dream becomes a reality.


By taking those first steps in my personal life, I created an entire paradigm shift with my family, which led to a whole new way of running my business.

We checked off all the boxes…built a beautiful (eco) dream home; my husband and I launched a development company that hit almost 7 figures in less than a year; I began working for myself and earned 6 figures in less than a year; we had our kids; 10 vacations a year…all looked great on paper.

Until my life led me to take a long hard look and allowed myself to see that it wasn’t so glorious.

Behind that “smoke and mirrors” of amazing lifestyle was that I was exhausted. I felt resentful and guilty that I was never fully present for my kids.

My husband and I lost our connection and we had arrived at a point where not being together seemed like it was the best option.

And my health was starting to suffer with an autoimmune disease.

Everything was far from living the dream.

And yet I couldn’t understand why – I know that somewhere along the way, I was taught that if I achieved all these things, I would be happy.

And yet everything was empty – and that just had me feeling even more disempowered, confused, lost and resentful.

Until I had a breakdown.


After meeting my first life coach, and diving into deep (and gut wrenching) personal work I had the support to leave my business (gosh that was super scary), and start from scratch.

I was always asked how I was able to build successful businesses and it was something women always struggled with.

So I began helping women succeed, but do it differently than how we are told to do it.

To succeed without it ruining their life.  I began to support women to pave new ways of success since the current paradigm and social conditioning never really showed us how to succeed in a way that actually works for us!

Soon enough, my clients began transforming their life and business structures and would even 5x their income – without burning out. My clients would tell their friends, and I grew from referrals at first.

Since then, I’ve been invited to speak and teach what’s been working and have also created courses to help duplicate these tools and systems for as many people as possible.

If you’re ready to grow your business, live your life on your terms, and enjoy it with those that matter most to you, I’m happy to support you. I believe that by locking arms together, we can crack many codes, and inspire & help others live amazing lives that are prosperous, heart-centered and impactful.

If you’re a YES to that, I look forward to connecting with you!


Are You Feeling Stressed, Deplete and Unfulfilled? Time to Do Something Different?

If you are a YES to following your heart, bringing your dream to life, and building a business that is successful, prosperous and makes a difference, then it’s time to make sure it comes to life, grows…and stays Alive.

Statistics and odds are all against us when we realize 97% of businesses fail.

Most women feel like it may just not be possible to have it all (I started to think that when my life was falling apart from my first successful legal business).

So what is the secret recipe this 3% uses?

The 3% that stay alive and actually do succeed use systems and frameworks that have been proven to be work.

In addition to my own businesses, I’ve taught CEO’s, entrepreneurs, organizations and hundreds of women across several industries how to

follow their heart’s desire, and grow it into a business that will not burn them out – instead…it gives them the life they were hoping it would.

The life of freedom to do what they love.

Enjoy it with those they love.

Have the time to have worldly experiences, be surrounded by a supportive community, and even help make this world a better place.

Yes, it is possible…and yes, I know you can do it, and have this, just like so many are right now.

And I would love to connect, share it all, and show you how!

Find out how to make it happen by applying here for your free  “Master Your Life Breakthrough Session.” Just click this link, answer a few questions and get a date in the diary!

I am looking forward to talking to you soon!

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I have helped 100’s of female entrepreneurs achieve success without all the sacrifices and the overwhelm.

I would honestly love to work with you!

“I was overworked and tired! Overall, I greatly improved my work-life balance while creating an awesome team and company culture while making more money!”

- Victoria Tran, CEO of Sorted Nola

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