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I’m Maria…a part-time lifestyle & business coach; a full-time mom of 2 & award-winning author

I’ve grown several 6 figure businesses in the last 15 yrs, and I’ve discovered many tried-and-proven systems to get it all DONE without the price of success, and all the sacrifices.

I’m confident that my programs will help you create what’s in your heart & succeed at it, without all the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.

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I have helped 100’s of female entrepreneurs achieve success without all the sacrifices and the overwhelm.

I would honestly love to work with you!

“I was overworked and tired! Overall, I greatly improved my work-life balance while creating an awesome team and company culture while making more money!”

- Victoria Tran, CEO of Sorted Nola

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Discover the Little Known Ways to increase Your Productivity, Joy & Time
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Client Success Stories

"I was overworked and tired! Overall, I greatly improved my work-life balance while creating an awesome team and company culture while making more money!"

– Victoria Tran, CEO of Sorted Nola

"Her support and expertise have truly transformed my approach to business. I couldn't have asked for a better coach!"

– Whitney Runyon, MediaCo

"Maria is, hands down, one of the best intuitive business coaches around. Her energy and insight is unparalleled and I look to her for guidance frequently. |

– Kimberly Lucht

"She’s key in having me follow my dreams and my soul’s purpose. This has been life changing"

– Christine Fiora, Founder of Breath in Blessings

"My clients, business associates and family indirectly thank you!"

– David Machson, Real Estate Investor

"She helps you get your wins not only in your business, but in your life! That is so worth it!"

– Dr. Ruby Baja, Los Angeles, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Million Dollar MomBawse

"She has helped me to really become empowered, to help myself, my family, and the world all at the same time."

– Elizabeth, NY Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula

"From Maria's “The 6 Figure BluePrint” Training I was able to clarify my business goals and micro goals for the next year and the steps and strategy that will ensure I reach them."

– Manolis P.

"She put me on a path to grow my local and online art classes, by changing my mindset

– Debbie Viola, Artist

"My business has grown exponentially and I would hire her over and over again. She is simply the best at what she does."

– Maureen M.

"In just a few hours, Maria has helped me by bringing more clarity to situations I’ve been dealing with for too long. Her positivity, and methods in approaching our dream life as a whole is a true blessing. Thank you Maria."

– Monica, UK

"What she’s done for me is really revolutionary. If you’re ready to go from your desires to full on motion towards concrete goals, I highly recommend working with her."

– Tiffany E, Colorado

"A true gem and an amazing force in my life. I am forever grateful for her and the gifts she had helped me to uncover for myself."

– Zayna Abdul-Wahhab, Licensed Real Estate Professional & Leasing Manager

"She has a unique ability to get to the heart of whatever is needed to help you unleash your full potential"

– Lorraine Miller,

"Her presence alone, with its wise and loving heart, brings forth my own wisdom.”

– Anna Organo Coffees and Teas –

"She accelerates my growth with exercises, different healing modalities and effective communication."

– Janice, Small Business Owner

"An ally in creating big breakthroughs in my life and truly manifesting the Love, Community and financial stability I dreamed of.”

– Olga Christodoulou, Austin, TX, Relationship Coach

"She is in your corner and she is cheering you on. She is a powerhouse!"

– Maria Tsismentzoglou, NY, Fashion Design Marketer

"She is an inspiring, engaging, and an empowering individual. I'm always authentically supported."

– Laura Mongello, New Jersey, Real Estate

"Thanks and gratitude for this amazing teacher!”

– Kim B.

"A true blessing and honor to have the opportunity to work with Maria!"

– Kim C., Lawyer, VP of Law Firm

"She’s helped me with goal setting; keeping on track and held my feet to the fire. She had what I needed."

– Amie Sponza, Actress, Director, Producer

"She helped me launch a new career after transitioning to an entirely different profession. She gently guided me through my mental roadblocks and always gave me an action plan between sessions"

– Joni Sellers, Real Estate Agent

"She has been my one and only life and business coach. She continues to teach me, guide me, and challenge me. I highly recommend her to everyone!"

– Raquel Rodriguez, Co-Owner of DNR Remodeling

"She helped me zero in on my target audience for my new offering — a membership-based writing community — and launch and monetize my first workshop and subsequent events and helped me achieve my initial goals."

– Sarah Welch

Latest on the Blog!

Latest on the Blog

3 Super Simple Ways to Create Work-Life Balance

3 Super Simple Ways to Create Work-Life Balance

  I have to say, there are days when I could just drop it all - dreams, passions, visions, family run arounds, and yes...even my life's purpose. Hard to believe, but I could get burnt out to the point I just think it may be better to drop it all. The thing is,...

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Why People Fail Even After Trying Their Hardest

Why People Fail Even After Trying Their Hardest

In my work, there are times when people come to me after they've tried "everything"- they've gone through chiro's, acupuncturists, healers, mediums, reiki masters, you name it. Don't get me wrong, these are all modalities and resources I personally use daily, and are...

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How to Be a Happier Mom

How to Be a Happier Mom

Are you a truly happy mamma? If you’re exhausted, resentful, frustrated or about to lose it, do you feel guilty about having those feelings? Are you fighting with your partner more than ever? Let’s keep this real. We all know that raising children can be one of the...

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How to Create Prosperity as a Soulpreneur

How to Create Prosperity as a Soulpreneur

Do you feel like you’re here to do something more? Something that will help make a difference? Do you wonder about how you can contribute to the world through a meaningful, abundant career? Maybe you always felt like there was something only you have, but not really...

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Mompreneurs Succeeding without Sacrificing Family

Mompreneurs Succeeding without Sacrificing Family

Want to enjoy the rewards of making it big as a mom, while also being a loving and dedicated mom? Start with doing what you’re most passionate about. Let’s face it, not much will actually compete with your love for family, yet in the same vein, your job feeds a...

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Moms Making a Difference

Moms Making a Difference

Wondering how to make a difference in the world today? What if your job was to serve humanity and make an impact and getting paid Big for it? It’s possible, and it’s more than a dream. And it begins with making a difference in your very own life. Women often feel like...

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How to Create Time Abundance Every Day

How to Create Time Abundance Every Day

Thomas Edison once said, “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing we can’t afford to lose.” Do you feel limited by your inability to master your time? Most of us are spinning several plates at the same, and most of the time these...

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We ❤️ to give back a percentage of our proceeds to elevate the upcoming generation.

Every time you invest in growing your business with us, you invest in a bigger global impact.