3 Super Simple Ways to Create Work-Life Balance



I have to say, there are days when I could just drop it all – dreams, passions, visions, family run arounds, and yes…even my life’s purpose. Hard to believe, but I could get burnt out to the point I just think it may be better to drop it all.

The thing is, when we commit to something big, we soon come to realize just how big it truly is, and how there’s many more things to balance; new skills to gain; time to manage, and life gets bigger. Yes, we always say we’d love for life to get better, but that often means that unless we grab hold of the steering wheel…things could get pretty complicated.

How do we stay in love with what means the most to us, and also enjoy healthy, work-life balance?

Work-life balance may be your most elusive goal, but it is possible.

Take a look around you at those you admire; your mentors; and anyone that’s leading your (kind of) life, and making a difference for all of us – how do they do it?

Not only do I need this “self check-in” often myself – my clients do it too, so that they stay connected with the fact that what they’re aiming for is do-able, possible, and the key is to find out how others make it happen.

Try these 3 no-brainers and see how you feel the next time you’re feeling spent, and wondering if you can keep on with (your parenting, spousing, working, aspiring, creating, building, planning, or) whatever it is that you’re committed to.

1- Drop it and RunĀ 

Seriously. Drop what you’re doing and either run, dance, yoga – anything that puts you in motion. You will find that it clears your mind, your pent up emotions, your thoughts, and it gets your creative juices flowing again. Studies from Stanford and others show that exercise, walking, dancing, etc. increase creativity, clear your mind, and are basically a re-set button.

A little run… goes a long way. (no pun intended)

2- Nature Cures It All

Here’s another great find from the scientific community. Being in nature makes you not only more creative, it makes you happier, kinder, connects you with Spirit and your inner voice, so that you begin living from that space again. And not the brain or your to-do’s, and all the stuff that comes with managing that awesome life we’re aiming to create.

3- Just Say NO

Is what you’re considering to do going to serve your ultimate goal? I find that when I step up, I also get many more offers and opportunities knocking at my door – and some of them are really exciting, fun and I’ll admit that some even get my ego fired up. Last month I was being flown out for an interview, and although it was an honor to do this with a celebrity mentor, it was just way too short notice, and when I sat down to think about it, it simply wasn’t the time to do it – so I bit my lip, followed my gutt and didn’t go. So when it comes down to it, check yourself and makes sure everything aligns with your ultimate vision.

How simple are these? These 3 initial steps will help you not only stay connected with what matters most to you…they will allow you to stay in control, and more focused on your priorities – this way you end up accomplishing much more, and it’s all related to what you’re actually working on.

Try these, and notice how your day to day is going. Now I’d love to hear from you. Think of someone you look up to and admire, that is crushing it living a life that resonates with your vision. What’s one thing that they do in order to manage all that awesomeness?