How to Be a Happier Mom

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Are you a truly happy mamma? If you’re exhausted, resentful, frustrated or about to lose it, do you feel guilty about having those feelings? Are you fighting with your partner more than ever?

Let’s keep this real. We all know that raising children can be one of the most deeply rewarding experiences we can ever have. In fact, global data tells us that parents find it to be by far the most enjoyable experience in their life. Great! And in the same vein, it’s also the most straining on ourselves, our relationships, and even our social lives. So how do we find long lasting happiness, and not feel like we’re bipolar from moment to moment?

Well how do you define happiness? Scientists tell us that it’s more than just a feeling. According to Karen Reivich, Ph.D (a positive psychology research associate at the University of PA, “It’s also feeling a connection to something larger than yourself. When people are in service to something bigger, they describe their lives as filled with meaning.” Now imagine what life would be like if you “served something bigger” by being a parent, and then add to that “serving something bigger” and connecting to something larger than yourself by aligning with a career that you’re born to do; that fills your heart; that makes a difference and makes more possible for your family’s future.

Imagine what “happiness” would look like then? How would you define happy both as a mom, and as a heart-driven entrepreneur that makes a difference doing what you love – and were meant to do. Imagine what your family life would be like? Your relationship? Your parenting? Your quality of life would be beyond what you even thought it would be.

Happiness is not something you wait to happen to you. It’s something you actually create. And you can create it at any given moment!