3 Quick Tips to Cleanse Your Soul


Spring is here…you can feel it in every part of your being. On some level, you can sense an inner “itch” to do something…

Is it to register for the gym? Plan your summer vacay? Begin a detox?

Or is it something deeper…

During this time of year, we all get this interesting sensation throughout our body. We’re experiencing a rebirth happening all around us; a renewal after all died off the last few months.

Why is this feeling tugging at us? Why do we feel like we have ants in our pants, and need to get up and do something? If you listen closely, you will hear a little whisper within, telling you exactly what it wants.

Chances are that it’s asking of you, the same it is for most of us. After you’re done scratching the surface with a gym membership, a juice cleanse, a spring cleaning of your home, and go a bit deeper…you’ll notice a beckoning for a soul cleanse.

Many of us don’t dare to go there…oh no – way too much may come up, and who wants to deal with that kind of purging?! All that dark, painful, old gunk that’s been fermenting for years – and who knows what else may be in there? What if it’s junk that I hid so deeply, that I’m not even aware of it?

Well, Newsflash:

The longer you leave it there, the longer it ferments which means…it’ll eventually explode outwards somehow. Whether it’s through an emotional breakdown; midlife crisis; disease – whichever way it comes up…up and out it is the only way to go, and you either choose to do it intentionally, or it will do it on its own (but that way is always much more intense, and sometimes more difficult to remedy).

3 Quick Tips to Cleanse Your Soul

As a parent, which one can you afford? Which one do you wish to model for your children? Yeah, the answer is a no-brainer…

Believe me, after all my breakdowns, I still cringe when I get the feeling that it’s time for another lesson in life. What makes a difference is that I now know that when my soul cleansing is over, and all is purged, I am greeted by growth, bliss, expansion and serenity. It’s euphoric and dare I say orgasmic to live in that space. I am beyond connected and grateful for the experience, and yet…when I feel the next turn, I still have resistance and fear come up.

It’s a lot like the roller coaster my son dragged me on last weekend.  I was petrified (and screaming) while we were slowly going up the insane incline, and I knew what was coming in a few seconds, so I started screaming before the dip even came (I was the only one screaming by the way)…then the dip came – and then I had the time of my life! I saw the pic taken of us, and I was smiling bigger than anyone else in the photo!

Roller coaster lesson? Up, down, left and right is the only way to go, so brace yourself and enjoy the ride. Being afraid and screaming is ok too, but you’ll come out of it feeling good, and in the case of soul cleansing…a whole other person – much closer to the person you were meant to be.

3 Quick Tips to Cleanse Your Soul

Choosing to begin a spiritual detox, can be much simpler, and less heavier than you think. The best part is that you’re the one in the driver’s seat, that’s choosing when it will happen – and what’s different than a coaster ride, is that you can partially pace yourself.

As always, the journey and process will have many surprises and unpredictable turns, but the fact that you are aware of your detox is what will make it much easier and way more manageable.  It’s also a faster way towards healing, since you’re actively engaging your tools and practitioners to support you along the way with whatever comes up next.

Your family is also aware on some level, and gives you the space and permission to go through the process. They may also support you along the way (even better to have them cheer you on, and watch/learn from your process!).

And in the end, you will come out of it much stronger, empowered, trusting, conscious and ready to offer what you’ve learned to others. They will depend on your wisdom and experience (they’ll be nervous to initiate their soul cleanse, and totally hoping for your aquired insight!).

The gifts and tools that you gain from this cleansing process will prepare you, and equip you for your true purpose here – the bigger game you were meant to play – for the lessons you were meant to pass on to your children, in order for them to be ready for the game they came here to play.

If this is the Spring where you will answer that inner tugging to go for a deeper cleanse, and a deeper healing, for the next 2 weeks (minimum), start with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Media detox 2 weeks  (no social media, news, newspaper, movies, etc.)
  2. Writing and ReadingWrite in your journal every single morning for a minimum of 3 pages. This is non-negotiable. Preferably right after you awake. It can be about anything at all – anything present that comes up. Noone gets to read it. You’ll be surprised about what comes up and out.

    Book Tip:  A great read that soothes the soul, offers clear guidance and healing is the “Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. It serves me every time I pick it up…

    You’ve had a stack of books you’ve been wanting to read – now’s the time to go for it. Pick up the one that you feel most drawn to, and begin reading it. Make the time schedule it if you have to. Treat it as though your child must be fed. Your soul needs to be fed, and you wouldn’t miss it in the same way you wouldn’t miss your baby’s next nourishing meal.

  3. Meditate

Yes, yes, I know…who has the time for it, and we all give it up. But here’s the thing. You need a practice that creates stillness. That’s your soul’s basic, most fundamental need. It’s how we reconnect and feel our Source. It’s how we begin our communication within, and with a higher consciousness, as well as notice our own conscious seat (as our daily movie plays out).

Little meditation tip: If you’re having a hard time meditating, then try chanting/kirtan. It’s a fun way to meditate, and the kids love to join in on it. It has offered me profound experiences, as well as light/fun ones. Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur are a great way to get into it – they’re considered the rock stars of Kirtan.

Do these for a minimum of 2 weeks. Calendar them, and have little reminders so that you stick to it.

When you’re done, see what comes up, and try writing down/declaring what your true purpose is. What you actually agreed to do when you chose to be alive during this amazing time!

I’m leaving it here for now.  Simply notice what comes up, and remain open to the process from there.

As always, if you’d like any support, I’d be happy to be part of your journey, and help you grow into the mom and person you came hear to be.

Remember that you’re much more to your children, and can truly offer them the world. They deserve nothing less, and neither do you, or anyone else.

Together, we can offer our unique gifts, but it all begins with our individual work. Whether you’re looking to simply live a happier life with your family, or go bigger and create the world you wish to see – it’s all possible and it all starts with you.

You are part of my dream in fulfilling my purpose – making a difference for you, helps me make a difference for my children and our global community.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, and for allowing me to be a part of your process. This beautiful exchange is what it’s all about…

With that, I wish you a Happy Spring, with a renewal that is as beautiful and expansive as a butterfly’s.

With all my love,



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