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Plans This Summer – Tips

Plans This Summer – Tips



Here’s a list of great websites with information on kid friendly and family vacationing places for you to stay. They include many items that you would rather avoid dragging along with you on vacation such a playpens, travel cribs, toys, books, games, movies, pools, swings, etc. They are usually much more affordable and much larger than a hotel room. Below this, is a list of items to bring with you to make your child feel more comfortable if he’s on his first few vacations.

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Simple Back to School Tips

Simple Back to School Tips

How do I create a calm morning?

  • Prepare whatever you can from the night before. Clothes, lunches, even breakfast can be made in a slow cooker (like oatmeal).  Or make simple, healthy, protein rich breakfasts (protein allows your child’s brain to function better, faster and retain information – it also allows helps your child follow instructions better); 
  • Teach your child his morning routine from early on, so that eventually, once he wakes he is on autopilot;
  • The less chores for your child to do, the better.  He can make his bed when he comes home if needed;
  • As they eat, bring their lunches and anything else for school by the front door.  This way if you are running out, you don’t forget something and have to run back;
  • Put vitamins in a weekly pill case so that you have them all ready.
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The Commercialization of Childhood – Tip

Create What You Want There are times in life where we cannot simply idle by and wait for what we are looking for and asking for.  We need to actively create it. We will be called upon to protect our families from all sorts of situations, environments and harm....

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