5 Highly Powerful Ways to Create Your Best Year Yet (At Home, and Every Area of Your Life)


You’ve made resolutions before and you’ve set many goals – some you got to enjoy, and some just never came to be.

It’s normal. Yesterday, a highly succesful lawyer shared with me how he is so ready to let go of 2016. After losing his mom, going through a divorce and a few other crisis, he was sooo ready for 2017. I asked him what would make the new year different (aside from it having a different number attached to the end of it)? That segwayed into a whole session, but my point is, that many of us are simply living “normal” lives, and are not sure how to do things differently – and possibly even lead extraordinary lives.

We all strive for improvement in some area – family, children, parenthood, business, health, relationships, global harmony, etc. We all yearn for joy, fulfillment, and an awesome life. So the question remains…

HOW Do you reach your goals, and Create the Life You Want?

For the last ten years, my husband and I have practiced a New Year’s Eve ritual that has undeniably created the abundant life we enjoy today. Yes, it took time, but patience, faith and action are key here. We continue the ritual in a proactive form throughout the year, but for now, I will share our NYE practice that sets the foundation for the next twelve months. So…


Write down all that you are ready to let go of on a sheet of paper. Purge it all out. Write until you can’t write anymore. At the end, state…”I now release what no longer serves me”. Then go outside, and as you verbally affirm this, burn the paper, and watch it burn as you continue with the affirmation.


Next, write down all that you will be creating in the new year. All that you are inviting into your life. Be specific – state annual incomes; decribe your home; describe what your marriage is experiencing during the year; what’s improving in the world; in your community; in your personal relationships. Get as specific as possible.


Write down all that you are currently grateful for, and why.


Pick a theme, or an intention for the year. It can be “Prosperity”; “Self-Love”; “Empowerment”; anything you’d like to set your intention and focus on for the year.


Tune in and see what affirmation comes up for you. Affirm it out loud. Then write it down on a sheet of paper as long as you can write, and as many times as you can write it.

(For example, the year that both my children had begun attending school, I was considering returning back to work. My concerns were that I wouldn’t have as much time at home with the kids when they’re home from school, and that I would be missing out on things. So I affirmed that “I am now enjoying a lucrative job, that makes me happy, and allows me to be home with the kids”. I wrote this until I couldn’t write anymore. By February, I was back in the workforce, making the most money I had ever made, for the least amount of time I’ve ever worked.  I didn’t miss a beat with the kids – not an assembly, a play, or anything at all.)

You Create Your Own Reality

Do not underestimate your manifesting power. Your thoughts create your reality, and whatever belief you align yourself with, is what will come to life. This isn’t woo-woo beliefs…It’s a scientific fact.

Taking these first steps, will build a strong foundation, and will lead you exactly where you want to be. From there, its all about your actions, and the support you have around you to champion you towards your finish line. It may not always look pretty along the way, but you will get there. (The year I set the intention for powerful, authentic, passionate love for my husband and I, was the year we almost got a divorce – which led us to drop all the BS, and create a new, authentic, powerful, passionate relationship).

It’s not a matter of just wanting a better year…It’s a matter of how you will actually make it happen – what will you do to actually bring it into reality.

The time is now. There’s no real reason for you to wait around and live another day that is not fulfilling, purposeful, joyful and heart-driven. The world is waiting for you; your children are waiting for you; your marriage is waiting for you; your Soul is waiting for you to show up, and stand in your fullest potential.

I’m always here if you have any questions, and in the meanwhile, I will be envisioning all of you and sending light your way. I’m grateful to you for your presence in my life in whatever capacity it is that you show up. Whether you’re a coaching client, we met at a conference, exchanged a hug somewhere, or you just happened to be visiting… I’m deeply grateful that we have connected, and I pray we can do big things with each other, for all of our children.

Wishing you an Amazing, Game Changing, Extraordinary New Year,


PS – Here’s a fantastic, short video that breaks down exactly how your mind, and thoughts creates your reality. Something to munch on, as you create your 2017 reality.


PPS – If you’re not exactly sure how to take your next step for this coming year, or… if you feel that you’re already doing so much, yet something keeps standing in the way, contact me to support you in moving past it, and towards your goals more freely. Start now, so that you gain momentum at the very start of the year!




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