Hi! I’m Maria…



sideproductsI’m a transformational coach, award winning author, speaker, and activist who’s dedicated to helping you create a life, that promises endless possibilities to your children – and ensure you actually enjoy doing it. 

Most importantly, I’m a wife to an awesome hubby who keeps me on my game, and a fun, loving mamma to 2 amazing kids that carve out the path of my life, every single day.

Just like you, I dream of leaving my children a beautiful planet where they enjoy a healthy, abundant, vibrant, successful and conscious life.

Out Of Disempowerment And Into ACTION

I know what it’s like to feel immobilized with concern after hearing some scientific stat about our planet’s future.

I totally get it.

We’re overwhelmed by the many challenges that are painting a dim future for our kids – and way too busy to do something about it.

The only reason why I can completely relate is because, like I said, I’ve been there – but I got out of there real quick.

Because honestly, that’s just an unproductive, resigned, disempowering place to be, and I couldn’t produce any results coming from that space.

The truth is, that no one can.

Stepping out of disempowerment and stepping into action will produce the results you dream of. The beauty of that is, that your dream becomes a reality.

A reality where you’re actively creating the world that offers your children the life that they have the right to live – with health and happiness where their fundamental needs of clean air, food, water and vitality are available to them.

As for me, a rude awakening, led me to start “walking the walk”.

From Anger and Helplessness to Empowerment and Happiness


My journey began 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with infertility, and a leading specialist in conventional medicine let me down.

I went from angry and helpless…to taking action to restore my health, change my life, and enjoy 2 beautiful children that are rock solid healthy, and happy on many levels.

By taking those first steps in my personal life, I harnessed my power within to not only create life when I was told I couldn’t, but to also create a new world for my children.


I haven’t stopped making a difference, and making an impact ever since.

My inner pull to make a difference, actually goes way back as far as I can remember. There’s a photo of me on the front page of a newspaper as an 8 year old rallying in Washington, D.C. with my dad. (who’s also involved in his community as an independent journalist, and runs a few local ‘not for profits’ that improve his community).

You can say it runs in my blood, because I’ve always been shaking things up on some level throughout my entire life- but the truth is that day in D.C. sparked something within, and it’s been driving me ever since.

I’ve integrated all that life has offered me: my motherhood, psych. degree/coaching, legal background, writing, activism, healings, spirituality, optimism, and a “w”holistic lifestyle to support other moms in bringing improvement in different areas of their life.

Because I know that it is our powerful love for our children that can truly shift things up.

As Plato said… “Give Me a New Mother, And I’ll Give You a New World”.

You and I realize that what matters most, is what we do in our lifetime that will make a difference for the next generation.

And after transforming my own life, and enjoying a beautiful vision of love, family, health and abundance…it’s time for me to pay it forward – share all my experiences, training and professional background, so that others are empowered to change things up, and create a life, family and community they love.

Becoming empowered beckons us to reach within and ask ourselves exactly what it is we wish to transform, and how committed are we to creating an outcome?


Here on this site, and through my coaching, I promise to support you along the way so that you can improve an area in your life, your family, and your community in order to fulfill your true purpose as a parent.


After all, helping you realize your dream is simultaneously helping me realize mine – for families and children everywhere. It’s this powerful exchange that can help us, help each other, help our children, and build a better tomorrow for everyone.

It is only by us coming together, holding hands, supporting one another, and rising together, that we can truly make an impact – and paint a different picture of the future.

Are You Feeling Stressed, Deplete and Unfulfilled? Time to Do Something Different?


Join me today, and stop feeling immobilized, or unsure about what to do. There’s plenty to do, and ways to explore what you wish to take on.

I would be honored to connect, share it all, and show you how!

So if you’re hell bent on making a difference in your own life and the world at large, find out how to make it happen by applying here for your free  “Master Your Life Breakthrough Session.” Just click this link, answer a few questions and get a date in the diary! 

I am looking forward to talking to you soon.