And The Award Goes To…


Dearest Friends,

I am delighted to announce that my book, Love Centered Parenting, is now a proud recipient of the “Mom’s Choice Award”!

I received a letter from MCA a few days ago, and I have to admit that it was definitely one of those “pinching” moments for me.  Yes, I did enjoy a little dance with the whole family, and we are still really excited about it.

My little ones are sharing the news with everyone they know, and that probably melts me more than anything!

I remember when I was writing this book late at night, I had a clear intention that I would offer other parents the support that I needed when I was trying to conceive, and raise my children.

After reading countless baby books, I began to search for a book that reminded me that I already intuitively knew what was best, and how to tap into that again. I preferred support to tune into my own parenting instincts.

I needed guidance so that I can have the confidence and courage to make choices that were customized for my family – rather than being told what to do. I wanted to honor my child as a whole being.

Where was that book?

Well, I kept looking for this book…until eventually, I chose to simply write it.

My intention and vision is for families to have access to this companion book, so that it serves them with insight, clarity, support, tips and references on their parenting journey.  I’m hoping that this invites you to explore your own parenting expert, and to then reach out to all the good information available to support your parenting choices.

I was thrilled to notice from reviews and feedback that readers are receiving what they need! A recent magazine write-up shared that this book, can support and guide any parent:

“This is a wonderful handbook – chock full of excellent resources – for any parent, who, as the title suggests, aims to cultivate wellness by living and parenting from the heart.” – Creations Magazine

And so with much joy, the award winning book, Love Centered Parenting, is now available wherever books are sold. If you’re an online shopper, get your copy here

I always enjoy reading your emails and comments. I invite you to share your thoughts below as well!

I sincerely thank you for being a part of this amazing journey, and I wish you and your family many blessings!

With much joy, love and appreciation,