Breastfeeding vs. Formula

Breast Feeding

We all hear that there’s nothing better to offer our baby than breastfeeding (no doubt it is), yet there are many mommas out there trying their best, and just wish they could have a healthy alternative.

Well, we finally do, and moms are all over it!

If you’re no longer nursing (or just looking to supplement), and need the healthiest, cleanest, organic and best baby formula in the world, check out Organic Munckin for the only healthy alternative we’ve got available in the U.S.

If you’ve tried a formula, chances are that every other formula’s making your baby colicky; creating an upset stomach; acid reflux, and more. Holle and HiPP products available from Europe via Organic Munchkin – which I’ve partnered up with in order to provide parents with a healthy alternative that comes closest to being as healthy as mom’s milk than anything else out there.

I personally tried my hardest to nurse and avoid formula because of my son’s acid reflux. The result was many sleepless nights because my poor ravenous eater couldn’t fill his belly with my milk supply.

Needless to say we made it through, but it was very disempowering for me at the time, and I was a mess – literally on lock down for 3 months without leaving my house ’till I figured my way out.

If I had a clean, healthy, non-gmo, organic formula that didn’t give him acid reflux, I would’ve definitely used it to supplement back then.

So being that I’m all about empowering moms to create a life and family they love, this product really helps create a confident start for moms that are struggling during their first few months.

I’m all about breastmilk, but I also never judge anyone because I could never be in their shoes. I’d rather support with options that feel good for mom, and are a healty alternative for her baby.

If you have any questions about Organic Munchkin, just drop me a line, and I’d be happy to support you.  You can also reach out to Peter at Organic Munchkin, as he is very responsive!

As always, whichever way you go, just enjoy the ride! It’s short lived and beautiful…


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