Big Pharma and Gov’t Threaten To Remove Freedoms and Parental Rights


It would make more sense if I did what was traditionally expected of a blogger during this time of year, and write about “Back to School”.  But in the face of what has transpired lately, I feel it’s my responsibility to share, and raise awareness on something that not only concerns all parents – it concerns every citizen.

During the last few weeks, I have utilized much of my time organizing meetings and pulling communities together to educate, engage, and activate people to meet with their politicians to seek out their representation in preserving our fundamental constitutional right to religious freedom.

More on that in a bit, but first I want to share how Mr. Hubby decided to pry me away from my conference calls, emails and social media for the weekend.


Newport, Rhode Island.

You have no idea how bad I am itching to write about Newport, but I am trying to stay focused on one point for this post. For now, I will say that we fell in love with it, and have already planned our next vacay there.

As we were walking and touring Newport we quickly realized that most of it is a preserved landmark from 300 years ago.

On our way home, my husband wanted to learn more about its charm and history, and off to google he went.  He began to read aloud to me that it was the state that sparked religious freedom in our country. Well, well…what a coincidence.  Hubby pulls me away from fighting for religious freedom, and brings me to where it all began hundreds of years ago.

He went on to inform me that it was called “Rogue Island” because all the so-called religious outcasts found safety there to practice their conscious religious beliefs – and from there the very first “Acts” were written that eventually led to the revolution, our Constitution, and ultimately the country known “as the place to be”, where you can enjoy the liberty of religious freedom and the pursuit of happiness.


It has been an amazing few hundred years since then.

We’ve had to literally fight and die for many other freedoms, but thankfully, these hardships led to a positive ending and a wonderful nation, where many still dream of transplanting to, in order to enjoy the liberties we have spilled blood for.

Now, as I was driving my car, hearing about Rhode Island, and having an eye opening conversation with hubby, I couldn’t help but realize that there there was a message within my vacation – although I thought I was stepping away from my activism and organizing for the weekend, I actually landed in the heart of it all to reflect on what it took to enjoy our country today.

And so I returned home all rejuvenated, ready to create another meeting with my fellow mom friend, and awesome speakers – but guess what? The next meeting was already waiting for me in my emails. A movement has been sparked, and people want to be involved in helping it grow.

The reason why my friend and I joined forces to activate parents, was because for the first time in our history, we have seen corporations infiltrate our government with the goal of creating laws that force us to follow their agenda in order to maximize their profits.

I can’t help but wonder what happens next. What if corporations delete our constitutional rights that founded our country? These new laws are basically removing what makes this country great.

So what kind of nation are we left with?

When do we step in and ask corporations to step out, so that we can uphold our constitution?

Here’s what I’m talking about….

Recently, the laws that were passed in California have removed religious freedoms, have violated our First Amendment constitutional right (the one that many of our founding fathers have dedicated their lives to preserving).

The right to follow your sincere religious beliefs to honor your body as God’s temple, as well as the right of a parent to conscioulsy choose what is best for their child, can now possibly be removed by bill S6017 in NYS as well (and other states throughout the country).

And just last week, a new law was introduced in California, SB 792, that would eliminate an adult’s right to exempt themselves from vaccines.

Oh, and the adult schedule is well on its way, along with 367 vaccines coming out of their clinical trials.


Well…how much is too much?

Where do we draw the line to take back our freedom, and rights?

This no longer concerns just children – but every adult as well.

I would go to the depths of the Earth for my children and what is best for them, just like any conscious parent would. The same goes for my husband, and my own self.

And so here I am, organizing meetings that have filled venues to capacity, with the hope that citizens can be informed about what has already taken place, and what is next. By informing, and educating, we then have the power to take action, and make a difference.

This can only happen, if all citizens join hands to preserve their rights, and prevent corporations from deleting our Constitution to create their own laws.

This post is a Call To Action!

If you live in CA or NY, please contact your local representative today and ask them to oppose these bills.

Find any rep at Write to them, call them, and more importantly, visit them.

If you live in another State, you can check out to find out which bill is introduced in your neighborhood – because they are everywhere – including Australia.

Feel free to reach out to me for any support, and any info on how to organize in your community.

We CAN do this together!

And with enough of us, we will…






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