Can’t Meditate? Try this for Immediate (and Fun) Results Instead!


You know when you feel like you’re losing your s*#t, and you can’t get a grip of your emotional steering wheel, and…someone gently suggests you try meditating, and you just feel even more frustrated? Frustrated because meditation just doesn’t seem to work during those crazy times?
You wonder if there’s something you’re doing wrong……. You probably aren’t.
If you’re finding yourself losing it, just know that you’re just like everyone else (even if they don’t show it).

And more importantly, know that there’s ways to ground back to center without having to be still for endless minutes.
I love to fill my clients “toolbox”, with helpful tools that empower them in life. This week I’ve got something for you (which ties into the insight that came through during my unplugged summer abroad).

Just click below to watch my first vlog!

When you’re done watching, make sure to

1- come back for links to more helpful sights that will support you and your family;
2- let me know how you felt the last time you’ve tried this;
3- “like it” and share with a friend that you know this will help!

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Helpful link:
Helpful tip: take your shoes off with family. Walk on grass or sand for a few minutes. Simply observe surroundings quietly. Take a few deep breaths. Place your hand on your heart. Smile.

This is great throughout the day as needed, and even better to end the day with.