Children and Electronics – Tip


Create a Healthy Relationship with Technologies

Yes, you can keep your child away from a T.V, video game or computer. Here’s a few easy ways to do it!

Balance Relationship with Technologies for Children by…

  • Bonding Time with your Children
  • Play Outdoors as much as possible (rain or shine – enjoy all the elements)
  • Allow for unsupervised play where a child can trouble shoot on their own
  • Share Stories from your Childhood during bed time (alternate with reading books)
  • Plenty of free drawing, painting and arts and crafts
  • Create opportunities for hands on experiences
  • Have them help with cooking, or create their own special potion next to you with a few spices
  • Make sure you have plenty of adult time, or release time so that you are not feeling dependant on technologies for your “parent break” or “mommy time”. Adult time is necessary so that you return to your children refreshed and dedicated to spend time with them.
  • Go out and have a great time with your partner and/or friends!!!


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