Effective Cleansing Tips for The Whole Family


Happy Spring !

I will admit that I am desperate for Spring this year. It has been a challenging winter on all levels for many of us. I personally faced some heart-ache, along with a few mommy hurdles – and the truth is I am still processing a lot of it.

This is the beautiful journey of life. With every winter comes the opportunity to release what no longer serves us. We can allow it to simply die off with all the trees, crops and flowers that surround us.

As I smell the fragrant Spring air, I can sense the growth that my winter challenges are demanding from me. I am summoned to love more, be more vulnerable, and even more compassionate. As the flowers are bursting and stretching for another chance at life, I too, can feel the shifting within me.

It is the time of year when we can join every other living spirit in experienceing rebirth, and transformation. It is an opportunity to grow, and expand as physical beings.

Personally I enjoy kicking off the season with a wholistic cleanse, where I clear out toxins physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I will go into more detail about the actual cleanse in my next post – but for today I will dive a little deeper on what these rituals can create for our family.

Spring cleanings are far more that just physical activities.  They penetrate our souls in a much deeper, and meaningful way. These specific acts are an expression of Source, and our very own spirit.

Honing in on a family level, this experience unfolds for each individual, and trickles out to the entire family. We continue to evolve and adapt with each other, each new development, and each new chapter of our lives.

Effective Cleansing Tips for The Whole Family

This evolution within a family is  the key to a happy and healthy dynamic within the unit. It takes courage and work, but it is necessary because having a healthy family is of most imprtance to us.  If we don’t feel good within ourselves, and within our family, nothing else seems to matter.

Our children depend on us to raise our consciousness, and to improve our lives – and the world they live in.  They look up to us and hope for it every singe day. It is all they have to immitate and play out on their journey.

I believe it is important to work efficiently every day not just for financial gain, but for spiritual growth as well.  After all, this is what we came here for.

As Spring nears, take notice of what you were challeneged with throughout the winter. What are you ready to let go of?

Effective Cleansing Tips for The Whole Family

A great way to clear out the “old”, is through a daily ritual; a daily practice, and healing modalities, so that you can make room for what you would like to invite in.

The truth is that there’s not enough room for both the old crap, and all your new manifestations.  And…you really don’t need the old, heavy “toxins”, to hold you up anymore.  A mantra you can say throughout each day, this Spring is:

I now release what no longer serves me

Enjoy clearing out your closets, and cleaning your house (as part of it), but unless you clear out your personal house (meaning your mind/body/spirit), your actions will only take you so far.

Tune in and notice what is yearning to be released, changed, or improved.

Pick one area you would like to work on, and then write down the action you can take as your first step in creating the family, and life you dream of.

Which action will be sparking your change this season?

Go ahead and share it below – you simply do not know who it will inspire, and who it can make that difference for!

At the very least…writing it down for yourself, allows it to be real and there’s a greater chance of you actually making it happen.

Above all, enjoy what this new season brings! Its time for fun and action.

Sending you wishes for growth and transformation,



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