Conscious Parenting vs. Subconscious Parenting


How Much of Our Parenting is on a Conscious Level?

I often refer to Conscious Parenting, and the question comes up about what exactly that involves.  That question has allowed me the opportunity to take a look at my own parenting, so that I too can understand what it means to be a conscious parent, or to live a conscious life.

Well, what does conscious mean exactly? According to modern day science, there are two levels of thinking/operating, or as Bruce Lipton, the neurobiologist explains…2 minds that control our biology.  We have our subconscious and our consciousness.  Our conscious mind is the creative mind; our true self; our spirit. The subconscious mind is where everything in our early life gets recorded, and is simply played back at the push of a button.  95% of our behavior and way of being, comes from the subconscious mind.  Only 5% of your life is created by you, and who you truly are – consciously.

If 95% of our operation is from our subconscious, then how is possible for me to live and parent consciously? Oh, and if I add in genetics, and all else that can possibly work against my plan for conscious parenting…do I really have a chance at raising healthy children?

The answer is Yes to these questions.  HOW? This is the question that will lead you to actions, that will create the conscious family and way of life that you want.

Conscious Parenting vs. Subconscious Parenting

In order to live from a conscious place, you first have to take an honest look at what is not working in your life.  What are you bumping up against?  If you are challenged in certain areas of your life, this is a sign that something in your subconscious recording needs attention and then some rewiring. Initially, you must realize that whatever is stored in your subconscious was recorded while you were a developing fetus in mom’s belly, and then in your first 6 years of life.  At that time, you were simply a sponge that took it all in, imprinted it, and truly had no control over it.

Now, as an adult and with some awareness and personal work, you can acquire the tools to rewire what doesn’t work for you.  You cannot erase the past, but you can rewire yourself so that the way you handle your past is more productive, and therefore conscious. Here lies your creative process from a conscious level. You begin by creating a conscious life for yourself as an individual, then as a parenting unit, and ultimately as a family.

Living a Conscious Life

There are many tools and modalities available now that support us in living more consciously.  You simply reach for what you resonate with and feel a connection to, so that process begins.  Start somewhere….a workshop, a book, wholistic therapist, meditation, etc.  Once you begin, you will be led to the next form that will take you to the next level, so that you take a deeper look at what is not working in your life. Usually, the first piece to enter your life is awareness, which leads to openness, which leads to personal work, clearing and ultimately rewiring. During this revealing time, there is an onion layer effect.  The more you peel off, something else is revealed below that.  And the more you clear out, the more conscious your life becomes. It is at this point of awareness, that you consciously create life and environment.

What is in your subconscious can either be passed on to your children, or you can take the driver’s seat and rewire, so that you create and choose what is given to your children.  The best time to begin this process is before conceiving a child.  A child doesn’t only take on nutrition from its mother; science reveals that the blood from prego mom provides emotional information, ancestral information, and more so that an environment is created for the developing fetus that begins to be recorded subconsciously.

Of course, it is never too late to embark on your personal conscious journey.  Once you become aware, and begin rewiring, it affects your children immediately, and they too begin rewiring. Your transformation also has an energetic effect on them, so that the whole family can experience a shift in consciousness.

Consciously Create Your Life and Family

Take an honest look at what is not productive in your life.  What are you struggling with? Reach, take a step, and actively create the life you want – and the environment your children are raised in. Consciously creating your life, allows you to choose the life that you and your family will experience. Your subconscious will reveal to you what you need to be attentive to.  Get the support you need so that you have the courage to sincerely take a look at what lies beneath that has been a hold up in your life.  You no longer need to live with whatever it is, and you no longer have to pass it on to your children and future generations.  You can create the life that you want, so that you live and parent from a conscious space.

In my weekly tips, I include several modalities that you can explore once you have chosen to actively, and consciously create the life and family that you want to create.

You can always connect with me or comment, and ask questions about any of them, or anything else you’d like.

May you enjoy this new day and all that it brings…




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