2 Easy Steps To An Empowered Day


“I want to create something better for my baby’s future, but I can’t even get half my errands done in a day – let alone build a better tomorrow for them!” – was a response I got during one of my coaching sessions.

Yes…we’ve been there, and we go through feelings of disempowerment because there’s so much we are pulled to do, and we feel like we can’t do it. After our 30 min. session, this fellow mom was able to see how it is possible to reach her ultimate vision of forging a path to a better world for her kids, but she also created direction for herself, but taking her first step, from wherever she was. There was a breath of relief at the end of the call – and much less pressure!

We often reach far from where we’re standing, with beautiful visions that our soul’s are pulling us towards – but we need to remember that there’s a journey in between that we MUST travel on, in order to gain the tools, the wisdom, and insight we will need when we get there.

And sometimes, it all begins by simply creating a more rhythmic, harmonious home and life in this moment.

Nowadays, whether you’re a parent or not, you’re always caught up somewhere, with a giant “To Do” list that seems to be never ending – no to mention the constant distractions everywhere like social media, and all else.

And if you’re always caught up with the day’s errands, something new on your plate, or by a distraction, how can you possibly focus on what you came here to do?

I like to offer a variety of tools for time management that works specifically for each client, but the one that really works really well for moms is a RHYTHMIC schedule. (this can be applied to anyone – not just mammas)

This was a life saver for me (especially when the kids were little), because it offered a “pulse” in the home that created overall harmony.

A fantastic book on this is Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne – a quick and simple read, with easy ideas you can bring into your home.

Fun Fact: We’re all creatures of rhythm – with each day, each week, through the rise and setting of the sun, the seasons, the holiday rituals – it all just repeats over and over again, and we know what to expect, and what to prepare for.

Create a More Empowered Day with 2 Easy Steps

So, where do you start? The idea is to begin with at least 1 or 2 tasks that you could repeat during the week.

For example: we have eggs every Wednesday and Saturday mornings (all fun variations of egg meals), but we’re on auto pilot for those 2 mornings, and don’t need to think about what to cook, or to look up recipes, kids aren’t fussing for another meal – it just flows for almost 10 yrs now.

Here’s another one: Nap time (or “quiet time” to read a book, etc.) existed for many years, and it was time for me to take a break and do something for me (which was to write my book). No fussing – it’s what was expected.

The best part is that studies reveal how kids find a soothing internal comfort when they know what to expect, and what to do next. And even though I love spontaneity, and initially resisted this concept, there was something within me that also found it soothing (eventually).

Seriously, you can do this with anything – Yoga in the morning once a week; meditation once a week at night; girls night out once a month; build your business twice a week; you get the idea.

The goal is to start managing your time, and integrate whatever you need in this present moment, so you can begin to go in the direction you wish to go.

Create a More Empowered Day with 2 Easy Steps

Once you begin to expand your time, and flow through your day, you’ll notice that there’s actually more time available for you to focus on your bigger dreams – and then you just keep going from there.

I went from having no time to even have kids, to starting a family and going through basic survival mode for a year, to finally taking action and empowering myself to grasp the reigns on my family life and personal life, in order to live a life that I love and dreamed of.

This is what we’re here to do – it’s just a matter of tuning in to hear what direction you’d like to take, and taking the necessary steps to make it happen.

As Lao Tzu said…”The Journey of a Thousand Miles, Begins With A Single Step”, and we all start somewhere. Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture and vision you have.

Simply keep your heart driven goals alive – you’re here with a purpose, and a gift, and it’s time to put it out there…one step at a time.

Before I sign out, if you’d like to start taking action towards your goals (big or small), here’s 2 steps you can take:

1. List the first 10 things/actions you’d like to be doing in your daily schedule, in order of importance.

2. Which 2 actions can you add to your weekly schedule, that you can do every week for the next 3 months?

As always, feel free to email me for any support. I’m always happy to hear from you, and always respond to all your emails!

Have fun with this, and take it on so that you can begin to feel more empowered about your daily schedule, your personal life, and your family life.

Many continued blessings on your journey,



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