Create more of what you want in your life with 3 Simple Steps


You would think that making an impact in people’s lives alongside celebrity naturopath Dr. Pina would’ve been the highlight of my night, and yet, here’s what really did it for me…

Hearing from almost each attendee (almost 2 weeks after my talk) how the exercises I took them through are still processing healing, trauma, and bringing in constant insight about their blind spots.

One woman shared with me how she now realized her hold-ups and limiting beliefs have been showing up, and playing out in different areas of her life since she was a child. And what was most revealing was how being a mom has really challenged her to take a deep look at all this, so that she doesn’t pass any of it onto her children.

I have to admit that I’m always awed by the power of the many tools available to us today – I have a pretty large tool belt that I access as needed for each client and each situation, and it obviously wouldn’t be as easy to take you through it here, which is why I will be posting videos soon that can guide you through some of these.

To simply get you moving so you can go even deeper and create more of what you want in your life right now, you have to start with these 3 Simple Steps:

1 – Clarify Your Vision

Just like when you’re planning your vacations, you need to know where you’re heading in order to plan for it, right? Safe to say that unless you know you’re going to England, African Safari, Camping or Las Vegas, you will not plan for this trip so well.
Same goes with being clear on what your vision is, when it comes to any area in your life. And this can be a short term vision, or a long term vision.

Here’s what I mean.

You may want to explore a new career, ignite more passion in your partnership, expand your communication, be more attuned to your children, find your purpose, live a more socially conscious life and make an impact – whatever it is, you will need to get clear on exactly what your goals are and where you’re heading.

And so the question is, what area would you like to focus on first? What is pulling at you right now, and calling your attention to transform and improve?

Start writing it all down. And as a coach, I love to give a bonus task, so you can take it a notch up by creating a vision board with whatever it is that you’d like to bring to life.

Once you’re clear on what area you’d like to focus on, and where you’re heading, the next step is:

2 – Create Your Roadmap

Now, you don’t want to stay with the dream, and not bring it to life for too long. If you simply continue to dream and hope, but don’t take action and any steps to move you closer towards that vision, then it will never become reality. It will simply remain a dream, or an idea.

This is the step where you turn your Vision into Action, and into Reality. You literally create the blueprint that will make your dream go from your mind…to a piece of paper… and into existence.

So, what 3 steps would bring you closer to your vision, right now?

Take action on them this week.

Once you begin creating momentum, and moving closer towards your deepest desires, the final and most important step is:

3 – Mastering Your Mindset

You may have had goals, dreams and desires you’ve been wanting to achieve for a while now, but you simply aren’t getting there. No matter what you do, you’re either not moving and find yourself in the same situation, or it’s just taking way too long and way too much effort to make it happen.

I totally get it. Something’s most likely holding you back, or slowing you down, and you may not even be aware of exactly what that is. It’s in your blind spot, and it requires “inner work” to truly release any of those hold-ups.

From my experience, I believe 93% of success in any area (work, family, relationships, our global collective, etc.) is determined by our inner work, or what I call “inner game”.

If you really want to open yourself up to love, health, joy, heart-felt parenting, making an impact, and success, then you’ve got to master that inner game.

This is the most important step. You may already be doing some of this work, and simply need to go deeper.

This is where I love to “play” the most, which is why I took all the attendees from my last talk through a deep, subconscious re-wiring where they were able to work with neuroplasticity, limiting beliefs, energetic residue and more. I will be sharing some of these powerful shifting techniques in my future videos to further support you.

In the meanwhile, you can always learn more, by connecting with me here.

The one question you can ask is, “What is holding me back or standing in my way from enjoying this goal/dream now?”

Once you’ve done some of these exercises and answered these questions, I’d love to hear from you.

a. What are you most called to improve on, and create in your life right now? What will make the most difference for you, if you were to take action on it today?

b. What results did your 3 action steps create?

c. What resistance, feelings, or insights showed up for you as you were taking these actions?

Enjoy this one, and know that no matter how great your life is or isn’t, we’re all built to evolve. It’s in our nature, and in our DNA to always create something better for ourselves and others. You’re not made to not move forward or onto the next thing. What’s most important is that you enjoy it, you’re healthy, happy, and ready to live into that space of abundance.

Live Your Life exactly as you always deeply desired!

With all my love,