Cultivate True Joy and Magic for Your Holidays


‘Tis the Season to bring joy, shop till you drop, and maybe even lose your sh*#t!

Oh, and just around the corner, you remember that it’s almost time to get another chance to let go of what’s holding you back, set goals to manifest all your wishes, and dreams, and finally enjoy an abundant life with your family. But you’re stopped short by all the hussle and bussle and “must do’s” of the holiday.

Honestly, setting goals is even becoming a little stressful, and you may just want to throw your hands up and just dissapear until its all over. At times its hard to even get through the day to day, let alone all the extra that’s added onto our plate these days.

It’s true, for us moms today, there’s just way to much to do…and not enough time to do it all. Most of the planning, shopping and cooking is done by women, so we carry much of the burden to bring “joy” during the holidays. This explains why women are twice as likely to experience depression during this time of year than men.

Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love the warmth, and spirit that exists during the holidays, but I’m also well aware of the stress and blues that can come with it for many of us. Some moms manage their days well, while others feel like it passes them by, and they haven’t even had a chance to soak up the season at all.

And the truth is that none of us want to feel like we can’t keep up. We want to offer our families the joy of the holiday, while at the same time, bring meaning and heart to it, so that our little ones “get” that it’s a time of gratitude and giving.

And that’s what can make all the difference.

Gratitude and Giving.

Cultivate True Joy and Magic for Your Holidays

Generosity doesn’t come naturally. It’s something that’s passed onto others. My parents passed it onto me, we pass it on to our kids, and we all pass it on to the community. And it is so heart-filling (some times even euphoric).

By using your time, talent and energy to volunteer, (or give) not only will your heart be filled…you’ll be reminding yourself and your family the true meaning of the season. You will feel empowered because of what you’re offering your children, yourself, and your community.

Yes…the clock is ticking, and holidays are here,so if you don’t have time to do it before the holiday, then you can always go out and do it before New Year’s Eve.

You’re options are endless – it can be as simple as loading your pockets with $5 bills, and handing them out to the homeless as you shop; you can ask your children to make cards for an orphanage or a platoon; attend a soup kitchen; offer your old coats to the poor; answer a letter to Santa for the local post office and gift a toy to a child…I could go on here for a while, but you can always ask your church, your school, or any local community center how you can help. Whether its your time, your money, your art, or worn clothing, you can help in a way that works for you (and no added stress). It just takes a little tuning in, and creativity.

Cultivate True Joy and Magic for Your Holidays

This is how the Spirit of the holidays comes to life. It’s through all of us, and our actions towards each other. Gift giving is a fun and wonderful part of the tradition, but it may not be as fulfilling.

When we see how we put a smile on someone’s face, and made a difference for others, something within us shifts…our heart fills up. We have channeled divine energy of giving, and that brings more life to us, and to our family.

This simple act of generosity will also support you in feeling good about creating what’s next for you within the next few weeks. Knowing you can make a difference will amp you up, and motivate you for the next step (like those New Year’s resolutions).

We may have busy, crazy lives, and sometimes feel like we can hardly get by, but by giving (in the smallest or largest way), we make a difference in our lives as well – and that small action can spread farther than you’ll ever know. If you’d like to simplify your to do’s, you can browse through a list of easy tips on how to simplify your holiday here.

So you can either lose your mind these days, or integrate generosity, reconnect with Spirit, community, your own power, and make an impact for yourself, your family and others.

You can make the next few weeks be as amazing as you’d like.

Grab a hold of your holiday steering wheel, and enjoy a Blessed time with your family – while sharing it with others.

With Love and Light,


P.S. Here’s a little personal photo share of my family and I handing out lunch, drawings and cash to NYC’s homeless last year…hope it moves you. We were greeted with love and smiles from everyone. The kids couldn’t get enough…


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