4 Easy Mommy Tips to Detox in 30 Minutes or Less



I am hoping by now, you have sprung out of winter stagnation and have begun moving about to release all the winter toxins. 

Yes, we all do it.  Winter arrives, and we all want to curl up, cozy up, and no – we don’t want to jog out in the snow, or do anything else like it. This leads to a stagnation in the body, which actually serves us during winter – we all need to hybernate a bit.

With hybernation and cozy time, we also tend to build up a lot. I’m not talking just dust bunnies…I mean personally. We build up emotions, energy, pounds, toxins, etc.

But come Spring, it is the perfect time to release all that has accumulated, and transform like everything else around us.

And so here we are….But as a mom, that wears many hats, and multitasks like an octopus, can you really add more to your plate?

Part of you figures, you can just walk some more, or eat less…but the truth is that it simply won’t cut it. You have to go deeper so that your body, your emotions, and your energy can experience a cleanse – a shift – an amazing transformation.

“How?” You ask?


After almost a decade of cleansing, here’s what I can share.

At this point I look forward to it, because I am very familiar with the results and the reward that comes with a good cleanse.

When I first began however, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE! And if it wasn’t for my husband to ask me to go just one more day (every day for the next 21 days), I would’ve gave up. Yes, I took I took it one day at a time.

And so can you, and here is how:

1.  Pick a cleanse that you enjoy

Research, ask around, and see which one speaks to you. Cleanses that I like are the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program because it is clean, organic and whole food. Oh, and you get to actually eat during the program. Another cleanse I like to follow is in the book, The Detox Prescription, by Dr. Merrell. Whichever one you go with, try and choose one that you feel is “do-able”, organic, and if its your first time, start with a 3 day or a 7 day cleanse. I also add in a tweaked Young Living Cleanse to support the above cleanses.

2.   Sweat it out

Start burning more energy, so that you can sweat out the toxins as well. When my kids were younger, I used to take them for a bike ride behind my bike, and they loved it – or fell asleep. Other times, I walked to the market with their stroller. I also would run laps around the playground as they played in the playground. Now, I go jogging, as my kids ride their bike or scooter next to me.

It is amazing how much faster you begin to lose pounds when you add this part!

3.   Meditate 2-5 minutes a day

As you begin to cleanse, a lot may come up. The first few years of my cleanse, I noticed anger bubbling up as I was detoxing. Obviously my liver was being cleansed, and since this is the organ where we store our anger, much was being purged. In my meditations I was able to relax, ground, and gain insight about this healing and tranformation that was taking place within me.

4. Journal

Journaling allows you to freely express what is deep within you, and/or your subconscious. You can write, draw, or write a poem about your day or feelings, and you will notice what your body is releasing. During my cleanse, and that time of anger, I began to draw. Lets just say that art is not my best form of self expression, but I drew a transparent body where the liver was projectile vomiting from the mouth. This was so interesting to experience as all my emotional clearing was taking place.  I then wrote a poem to my liver (like it was a person), and asked if there was anything it wanted to tell me. The answers came in my meditation and journal writing weeks later.


And so, at first glance, this may seem like you are adding more to your plate, but the truth is, you are simply integrating it into what you are already doing; like going to the park or for a bike ride with your children; or cooking 3 meals a day, only that they are cleansing meals. You still need to eat, and you still need to grocery shop, but you are focusing on cleansing as you do this.

You can dive even deeper with each cleanse, or if you’re adventurous…from your very first cleanse! I now extend my cleanse, and integrate many modalities to go deeper when peeleing that onion layer. With each week on my detox, depending on what I need to focus on, I add in hydrocolontherapy, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, gym, ionic foot baths, massage, bath houses, and other healing modalities.

There are years when I feel the need for an emotional cleanse, other times its more of a physical cleanse, and sometimes it is a energetic cleanse.

What I can tell you for sure, is that when I am done, I am in a different place than where I was when I started.  I am about 15 pounds lighter in weight, I have more energy than any cup of coffee can provide, I feel lighter, happier, crisp and clear, more attuned and intuitive (or connected with Source), my skin is glowing, and overall I feel AMAZING!

Oh, and my children are detoxing with us, because everything we are cooking, they are eating. Their palate changes and is even more healthier during Spring time. We notice how they are more focused and less cranky as well. I also feel that if they are “mini” cleansing from a young age, it is an opportunity to not allow bioaccumulation of toxins to occur within their little bodies.

There is nothing else that can offer so many results on a wholistic level, and this is why I look forward to a Spring detox every year. A cleanse can go as deep as you would like, and target whichever area you would like to focus on.

Start small, and grow your cleansing from there. The most important part is to enjoy it, so that you can stick with it, and continue to do it every Spring.

Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions about cleansing. And if you have any cleanses, that have worked wonders for you, or that you offer, please share it with us in the comments below!

Wishing you a Happy Cleanse, and Happy Spring,




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