Being Thankful During Difficult Times



It is that time of year again…

A time to give thanks, and be grateful for what is.

With the heartbreak that is felt around the world from Paris (and other events), I am finding it difficult to be present to gratitude these days.

I found myself caught in the grief, and asking how can I possibly eat that turkey, and celebrate, and all that fun stuff, while families all over the world are suffering?

The answer that came up (well, it actually had to push through all my thoughts and grief) was…

The world needs you to be a beacon of life…of celebration…of hope.

So I began to wonder…

If I get swallowed up in the lowest vibration of darkness, where does it leave me and my family?

If we all get swallowed up in that void, where does it leave the world?

Who will be left to pray; to heal; to help; to make a difference?

I was moved by this quote, and have to share it before I continue…

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” –   Martin Luther King Jr.

Wherever we find ourselves, we are called to be a beam of light – to guide and help the rest of the world, with what we have to offer.

Our wonderful life, and all that we celebrate, is not meant to be taken for granted.  In fact, it is a blessing meant to be shared with others.

There are countless of amazing people out there, that understand this and do what they can, in order to make a difference.

They do this, by creating the world they choose to live in.

I subscribe to this ideology.

I strongly believe that we can mold the world into what we want it to be.


Individuals like Ghandi were able to do this. We are no different than he is. Every single one of us is perfectly capable of consciously creating a better world.

There are many methods, and tools that people incorporate to create the world they choose to live in – and in case it wasn’t obvious…my methodology is through love and conscious parenting.

I firmly believe that conscious and loving parenting can make all the difference in the future of our world. Whatever foundations we lay for the upcoming generation, will be felt throughout time.

I believe that the young men that acted out their anger in Paris, where lacking somewhere  – their heart was missing the Love necessary to choose Life. Their Life, was missing the Joy to Live. Because wherever there is Love, there is Life. They received so called “love” by a community of strangers that recruited and misguided them.- as we see in any gang or group.

Whatever was missing from their lives and family structure, led them to seek it elsewhere. And yet still, unable to truly find this from strangers, their anger was ultimately demonstrated by destruction. But beneath anger, there is an underlying sadness that can lead to this magnitude of devastation.

What if we took an honest look at the core of what creates this sadness; this emptiness that leads to anger and destruction?

We would find the need for Love.

On some level, everyone is a chld, that needs Love.

There is no stronger vibration than Love. It is the strongest offering we can give, which in turn dissolves any other emotion.

How about we start by pouring our Love onto the younger generation. It all starts from there.

If we cultivate a generation that is guided and filled with our genuine love, we in essence are deploying legions of people that can make a difference in our future.

I choose to stay in this higher vibration, so that I remain empowered to make a difference through my parenting.


And I choose to begin with myself, my family, and my own community. This is how I create the world my family and I live in.

I can only pray that it continues to grow from there and impact as many as possible.

Getting entangled in the darkness of life will not bring light…it will only grow the darkness.

What you love you empower
and what you fear you empower –
and what you empower you attract.

~ Author Unknown ~

This Thanksgiving, I will remind myself to return to the Light and to Love. I will allow it to guide me through the darkness. I will envision it pouring from my heart, onto my family and friends – and the entire planet.

This is what I am most thankful for…to be in a place where I have the opportunity to “give” in this way.

I invite you to do the same in any way you can.

Start with your Self and your family. Continue to give wherever you can, and as much as possible.

There is no small deed. Just actions. They all create a reaction. Choose one (or two, or three).

This Thanksgiving, I will hold hands with all of you, and all my loved ones.


Let us be grateful together, and spread our light.

On a more personal note: Thank you for the opportunity to share this holiday with you. It is because of you, and my book readers, that I am able to make the most difference. I can’t express how thankful and appreciative I am for you, and what you make possible through your presence. You are what continues to push me to go bigger, on days when I feel small. It is through your posts and emails that I am fired up to keep moving. Every time one of you shares with me about how I have touched your life, I am in turn touched even more. And so thank you, for the inspiration, the encouragement and the drive. May it continue to be a wonderful exchange…

I wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.

With Love and Gratitude,





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