Grounding Meditation for Children

Weekly Mediation

Before going to bed, sit with your child while you both close your eyes.

Begin guiding your child through the following meditation: As you are sitting on your bed, imagine a large oak tree – the largest you have ever seen. See its branches, the green leaves, its bark. See it swaying as the wind blows. Now imagine this tree is inside your bedroom. Your entire room is covered by the branches and trees – like a tree house. Everywhere you look, you see part of the tree. As you are sitting in this tree room, imagine a little cord (like a plug) is released from under your bottom and goes down into the center of the Earth and plugs in there. As it is plugged, a warm burst of energy is brought up to you and you feel it throughout your body. See if you can feel that once more. Then unplug this cord and bring it back up to your bottom. See the tree, and thank it for the comfort and safety it is bringing you. Wish it a good night. Slowly open your eyes.

A good snuggle, a touch of love and a juicy kiss from mom or dad should send your little one off to a good night’s sleep.


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