Happy Spring! Time for a Wholistic Detox


I recently had an article published in Wise Mom Magazine’s Spring Issue, on clearing your space before you experience a renewal in your life. I am attaching the article as part of this week’s post.

What the article mentions is how we need to cleanse on many levels for our growth, and for our journey towards the life we would like to live. In the same way that you would clean out your closet right around Spring time, and get rid of old items to make room for new clothes; or similar to how some of us begin a detox and clean out our colon and other vital organs, we also need to clear our inner space. With that, I mean that we need to clear our hold ups on a spiritual, mental and emotional level as well. In the article, I share my personal experience with this kind of whole body detox, so that a picture is painted of how deep we can go when clearing out the old and making room for the new. When we do this, we are finally able to move into a different space in our lives – a space of greater wisdom, creativity, stronger relationships and an overall better life. This is transformation.

Spring is an ideal time of year to embark on all sorts of detoxing. It is the natural time in the environment to cut back the dead wood from the winter months, turn the soil, replenish and nourish it, and finally plant new seeds so that new fruit is born. As we are part of nature, our body recognizes this time of the year as a time for renewal. It is a time when we awaken and begin to look at our lives anew. Time to clear out the cobwebs, clean what is, and start fresh.


There are many workshops and healing modalities you can invite into your life, so that you can begin you’re clearing, step by step. A detox of the physical body, usually brings up a lot of emotional and mental baggage, and so when detoxing physically, you may want to incorporate a meditation practice, acupuncture, journal writing, healing workshops, hydro colon therapy, and anything else that you are drawn to, or curious about. I have integrated all of these modalities during my detoxes and always end up with a euphoric feeling. Sometimes I begin with other feelings though, such as feelings of anger, or anything else that needs to come out. When I detoxed my liver, a lot of anger was coming out with it, and I simply honored it as part of my cleansing process. Eventually, I felt amazing.

In my weekly tips tab, I have included several modalities and workshops that I have incorporated into my life, and during my cleanses, that allow for a wholistic cleanse. Make sure to check that out, and as always, feel free to contact me, or post a comment with any questions!

Happy cleansing, and here is my article…
Wise Mom Mag Article


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