How Powerful Are Your Hands?


Dearest Friends,

Today, as loud as she possibly could, my daughter said…”Mommy has super powers!” It was a bit funny and awkward at first, and then I realized that she opened the space for me to share about my recent experience.

A few weeks ago, a friend invited me to her Reiki Level I Training. As she spoke about her love for this healing modality, I was immediately pulled in for reasons unknown to me at the time.  I wondered about my husband integrating this into his life as well, and without any thought, I signed us up.

I am itching to fast forward and tell you about our final training night, but its only fair to first share with you how it all unfolded.

From the very first session, the training was very moving, and daily life seems different since our introduction. Both hubbie and I feel more attuned with each other, and all that is around us. To put it in his words, “We can’t fake the funk anymore.” The energy and vibration that we sense, is very crisp – like someone cleared the noise that was muffling it before.

In the last 3 weeks, I have treated both my children for pulled muscles, growing pains and my husband’s miraculous 24 hour flu.

What an amazing tool for parents to have!  It is such an awesome time to be parenting now – you can bring in so many new and creative ways to support you in raising your children.

Reiki is my “new” tool. My daughter keeps asking me how I am able to make her feel better, just by using my hands?

Of course, now I understand why I had an impulsive (intuitive) pull to bring this healing practice into my home and every day life.  It is simply another way to serve myself, my family and anywhere else I am called to. I am so excited to have this ability and experience!


It is very empowering as a mom to be available for my children, in such a way.

Best of all, with each new day, I have been randomly receiving many profound and clear bits of insight. This leads me to our final session from last night.

As part of the training, I was asked to practice by offering Reiki to the cutest little plant. As I was showering it with love and energy, I began to feel this little spirit blast Love and Life right back to me! The more I gave, the more I received! I was blown away.  I was so moved by this exchange that it made me emotional. Can you imagine how incredibly humbling this was?! 

I became aware of the win-win in life; how we all have something to gain, every time that we give.

The natural order of the universe is beautiful beyond mental comprehension. The only way to know this, is by feeling and experiencing it.

And if I can gift this experience to myself, my family and the world, I feel like I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose.

Here, I will ask you: Is there any modality that you have been drawn to bring home? By any means go for it! Your reward may far exceed your expectation.

If there are any modalities that have already created a difference in your life, please share your experience and insight below! You may just inspire someone to take that next step for themselves!

With much love and deep gratitude,


P.S. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!



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