Your visions will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks inside dreams; who looks inside awakes. – Carl Jung


There are times in life when it is difficult to sense the “Love” in the air when intense experiences surround us, but…

What if…with each new day, we set the intention to be a diffuser for the anger? The truth is that we all experience pain when we feel betrayed by those we trust. But what if we understood that nothing is perfect, and it is from this imperfection that we can grow and learn the most from – if we let it be our teacher. What if we forgave, and stepped out of the emotional, mental chatter, and chose to react from the heart? 

What if none of us where right or wrong, and we are simply here to learn from our experiences and each other? What if we respected one another’s choice and journey, and didn’t take each other’s choices personally?

If we can move into that space, we would be living life from our heart – not our minds. Many masters lived this way this thousands of years ago, and their messages of Love still speak to us today. Even though more people seem to be living more consciously, the truth is that it does remain challenging. And like all else, it requires training.

Recently in our evolution, humans were taught to live from the brain, and slowly began to alienate their heart’s guidance. As we slowly begin to excercize and learn about our heart’s capacity, we are quickly expanding. Like all else, tuning into our heart will take practice so that it becomes innate for us again. 


1.    Forgive

Living from the heart, means practicing forgiveness. And so when you wake up and start the new day, think of all those that have hurt you, and affirm “I now release you and forgive you.” If you can’t say “forgive you”, start with the first half of the affirmation, until you can say the words “forgive you”. 

2.    Affirm

When you meet someone that is emotionally reactive and angry with you, don’t take it personally. They are simply hurting. Affirm their ability to heal themselves. If someone is very angry with me, I place my hand on their body, smile, and sometimes I have even dare to ask if I can place my hand on their heart. Once we place our hands on our heart, the mind immediately comes second, and your heart takes over the situation. You may even notice yourself take a deep breath.

3.    Visualize

Close your eyes at night, and see light pouring over a person you are in disagreement with.  You can also look into the person’s eyes, and tell them that you forgive them and honor them.

If it is a circumstance that is troubling, see the matter  in your visualization and affirm “Let there be light”. Picture light pouring over the entire situation. 


4.    Be Proactive

Create change by connecting with communities, politicians; sign petitions, make phone calls, organize events, volunteer for a cause or those in need – anything that can make a difference in any area of life. There’s loads of areas and people in need.  Take your pick. 

5.    Move

Take on Yoga, dance, the gym.  Anything that can help you release your own emotions, that you can also have fun with.

6.    Personal Improvement

Continue to clear out your own hold ups, so that you can support your own family and others to do the same. 

Continue to ask…what can we do as parents, and as a community? How can we live a heart centered life, and model this for the upcoming generation?

7.    Heart Centered World

If we can take on any of these actions, or any others that support living a heart centered life, it is inevitable that we will be led to a better global community. We can carve out the path for our children to build a conscious world, and live a very different life than we know today.

We can be the pioneers that had a vision of our world…and it became clear as we began living from the heart. And from there, we began to dream what it would be like, and we awoke to its possiblity.  And to add to Carl Jung…we created it.

Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day with genuine and clear intention of how we wish to spread Love, and how we can live from that space every day.

Sending my love and a vibrational hug to all of you,



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