How Achievement Can Set You Up To Fail


Every single day, we push ourselves, and our children to strive…achieve…and keep going for more – bigger. But who’s to say that this leads to fulfillment? Who’s to say it leads to success? And what if your definition of success is completely different than the next person’s?

Le’ts take a look at our current reality. Our children watch us go through the check-list of life: School…College…Job…House…Family…Business…Retirement…and so on (in some sort of basic order like that anyway). What exactly are we heading towards? What exactly are we trying to achieve?

I totally get it. Back in our cave man days, it was all about the basic needs of learning the skills that will keep you alive; making sure we had food, shelter, companionship, and procreated. We ensured our species and offspring survived, and nothing else mattered.

But we’ve evolved since then. It’s no longer just about having our primary needs met like, life skills (education), food (income/business), shelter (nice house), companionship (married), and procreating (family).

We are now looking for purpose. A meaningful life. We are trying to figure out exactly why we are here, and what we are meant to do. No wonder the current millennial generation is depressed, feels like they “raced to nowhere”, and keep saying they want to “make and impact”; and “live with purpose” (hear this all mentioned in the video below).

How Achievement Can Set You Up To Fail

They were pushed to achieve and succeed, and now that they are out in the world, they’re learning the hard way to distinguish between Achievement and Fulfillment.

They’ve raced out into the world, only to feel like something is now missing from their lives. They were never taught to look within, and listen to what is truly being whispered to them. They share with us that they were too distracted by “to do’s, pressure, deadlines, and they even admit by social media.”

With the highest heroin epidemic in U.S. history, we are forced to realize that the current generation is in pain, and wishes to check out, because as they say…they’re just not sure they have the skills to navigate today’s world.

And so the raw question is:

What kind of life did their parents model to them? In the great video clip below, we find out that the current generation was simply given this “unfortunate hand” by a generation of parents that simply had it all wrong. And now these kids are pushed to figure out what life is truly about.

Ultimately, the question to all parents today is what kind of life are we going to model for the next generation? If what was done with our current millennials isn’t working, what will we do differently?

I believe that this must be addressed individually, and collectively. We must all rise together by taking an honest look within and begin asking ourselves 3 very important questions:

  1. Why we are truly here?
  2. Who do we need to be, in order to fulfill that purpose?
  3. And what will be different as a result of that?

I invite you to seriously consider answering these questions for yourself, and ask yourself what’s next from here. How important is it to you, your family, and our global community to answer these questions?

You are here for more. You’re children deserve more, and so does our world. You are here to enjoy a¬†fulfilling, heart-driven, abundant life that serves your highest Self, your family, and the collective.

If there was ever a time in our world to step onto your path, and your greatness…IT IS NOW.

What will you do today, to make tomorrow different?

I would love to hear what comes up for you. As always, feel free to email me with your comments and questions. I love to connect with you, and support you on your adventure.

Wishing you much clarity, and light,

P.S. Here’s is an excellent video that clearly explains what is happening with today’s generation, and why they feel as lost as they do.¬†




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