I Was Given 2 Choices, But I Created a 3rd.


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What if one of the best experts in a field told you, that there’s only 2 choices about what to do next in your life?

But if neither felt right for you, would you choose 1 of the only 2…or would you create another option for yourself?

That was the situation I found myself in 10 years ago. I was given only 2 options when it came to my health, but I created a 3rd – against all odds.

I clearly remember sitting in that chair, when the leading infertility specialist told me that I couldn’t have children – and there was no reason to explain why.

So he gave me 2 choices:

Continue the infertility route…or adopt.

I went through a huge range of emotions after that shocker. From disbelief, to disempowerment, to depression and anger. Throughout the entire process though, something just kept gnawing at me from the inside.

It was my inner voice trying to get my attention and share the great news…that it was all a Big Lie.

But I wouldn’t listen to my intuition, because the best expert told me otherwise – and my brain made me believe that he knew better than me.

Well, I finally listened to my gutt and took a sharp turn – I tried alternative medicine.

It changed my entire lifestyle, and within the year I conceived my first baby.

What’s the biggest lesson in that story?

That nobody knows better than my soul. And of course, to learn to listen to this inner guidance. More importantly…to follow through on what I am being guided to do.

That is where the gold lies. If we can tune in, allow ourselves to be guided from that sacred, powerful place, and then take action on it…we will never, ever be misguided.

How Do You Access This Awesome Tool?

Well, like riding a bike, it takes practice. At first you have no idea what you’re doing and what to expect. But if you keep at it, you establish a familiarity with the experience. And if you really stick with it, you become pro.

The key here, is Trust.

To trust that your inner wisdom is always right as it comes from a powerful source. I had to trust a completely different way of thinking, and to know that no matter what, I will defy all odds and create life, even when I was told I couldn’t.

That led me to create the life and family I always dreamed of.

How Can You Create a Life that You Want, and Defy All Odds?

I Was Given 2 choices, But I Created a 3rd

1. Commitment

2. Integrity

3. Trust

Visualize what your dream family will look like, and affirm that you are committed to making that a reality. With that commitment, you agree to take on whatever is necessary to manifest your dream – no matter how hard, challenging, or whatever else gets in your way. Stay the course, and keep your eye on the prize.

For example, I had to commit to inviting many new modalities into my life, that were really challenging, like – detoxing, going 100% organic, eliminating everything that went onto my body that was toxic, and truly changing my entire life, thinking, and way of being. If I gave up, I would have never reached my goal and had my children.

From there, you must give yourself your word on what you are creating. This is where integrity comes in. By definition, having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It is your moral code in the way you live your life.

I gave my word to myself, and to my unborn children that I will remain committed to bringing them here. And when times got tough, or if I felt discouraged, I reminded myself of this promise. Thanks to my integrity, I was able to pull through during the roughest times, (like, when doubt would take over my mind).

During the tough times, trusting that it’s all part of our journey and growth, empowers us to keep going. We look forward to expanding from all that we are learning from. And it is Trust that will help us follow that inner guidance to get us there. That knowing, is solid guidance – and no one should ever be allowed to lower the volume on it. Not even you.

I Was Given 2 choices, But I Created a 3rd

I could sit here and get my a–hole on about that leading specialist, but instead I am grateful that (in the most unexpecting way), he guided me into a healthy and abundant life. It all played out perfectly, and although it didn’t seem like it at the time…I was being led in the right direction. So no matter what the situation looks like, trust that it will work out as planned.

I now trust my inner guidance like nothing else in my life. And the more I trust it and follow it, the sharper it gets. There is never an inch of doubt over it these days. ‘Till this very moment, it has never steered me in the wrong direction.

Even tonight, as I asked what I should post about…this is what came up.

In my book, Love Centered Parenting, I share visualizations and meditations that can help you tune in more, connect with your unborn child, and even your older children. I also take you through my personal story of how I got there (in much more detail).

The point is that you can enjoy a powerfully, consciously guided journey here, where you are crystal clear on which direction to take in your life – with your family, or in any other arena.

Why not eliminate all the wrong turns and confusion, and simply head in the direction you need to be?

And why not help your children do the same? Believe me…they’ll be constantly asking you about which direction to take on all sorts of issues – and modeling for them to follow their soul and inner wisdom, is one the biggest gifts you can offer them.

Let’s guide the next generation to live a life where they defy all odds, and live from a place of inner guidance, and empowerment.

Want to hear more? As always, you can comment below, purchase my book, or email me and I would be happy to support you in any way I can. I read all my emails, and totally look forward to them.

Wishing you a peaceful day,



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