Imperfectly Perfect – Tip


What do you do when you Mess Up as a Parent?

  1. Whenever I have acted out in a way that is not ideal as a mom, I take notice of my action without judging myself.  I no longer stay up all night about it – engulfed in guilt.
  2. I ask myself what exactly I did that I did not agree with;
  3. Then, I notice how that affected me;
  4. And finally, I ask myself what action I can take in the future so that I don’t repeat whatever it was that I did that made a mess of things.  That being said, if I do repeat it, I will then go back and repeat 1-4 without judgment.  Hey sometimes, we all need practice and training when taking on a new skill, right?
  5. Finally, I go and explain this to my children.  I go through 1-4.  I share with them what I noticed about my actions towards them, how it affected me – sometimes they share how it affected them too, and then tell them what I will put in place about it. 

Note: I have intentionally repeated this here so that it is easily accessible when you’d like ot refer to it.

Most importantly, don’t judge your actions, simply accept, restore and put something in place for the future. Give yourself your word that you will act out on what you have put in place.  

Mistakes are meant to occur.  It is the action you create and take after that counts!


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