Got Intuition?


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I bet most of you have wondered at one point or another, if you can follow your gutt on a parenting choice.  Is this the right option? Should I go with it – but the other choice makes more sense!  What if I cause harm to my child by following my gutt instincts? Is that really my gutt instinct?

We’ve all asked these questions during some major crossroad. Especially when it comes to our children – we REALLY want to do the right thing.

This came came up at one of my recent book events. A parent asked…

Do we all have this parenting intuition? And if we do, are we all capable of accessing it?

The simple answer is …Yes, we all have parenting instincts that we’re born with. The fact is that EVERY species has an inner knowing of how to navigate through life. All other creatures do not have “How To” manuals, Google and YouTube when in doubt.

Think of it this way – if humans have used their instincts to raise children for Tens of Thousands of years, rest assured that instincts are still capable of doing what they were made to do. In fact, humans trusted their parenting instincts so well, that they THRIVED as a species, and eventually dominated – they did it better than any other species on Earth.  They went Pro on raising children!

More recently, we have been told in a subtle way that this inner knowing doesn’t really know as much as everyone “out there” does. That we can’t trust our gutt because someone else can tell us how to do something better.

That is actually more misleading and distracting.  Following that idea, may ultimately result in not recognizing our inner voice and feelings anymore, and believe that we are not capable of accessing our intuitive guiding system.

But…it is still there.

Intuition needs training and strengthening like any other muscle.

And the more you use your intuitive muscles, the more you will be led to a rewarding result – and then, you are more likely to access it again the next time for another rewarding outcome.


How Do I Build Strong Intuition?

It is a commitment (just like the gym is).  When I dedicate time to my physical health, after a while I begin to see results.  In the same way, when a few minutes a day are committed to a meditation, yoga, prayer or any deep spiritual practice, results will appear.  Sometimes intuitive answers come as a clear and straightforward thought.  For others, it may be a voice, or an image.

The idea is, the more you become familiar with how it works for you specifically, the clearer the guidance will be for you when you access it.

And so the next time, you are faced with a big “What Do I Do?”, you will know exactly what to do.  The answer will be clear as day.

Do I Have Time for A Practice?

If you have time to fill your car with gas, you have time for a brief meditation as the pump is flowing. The point is, you can do it anywhere, anytime.  That works for me personally. Others find it easier to dedicate a specific time for it, (like every morning or night) so that a habit/ritual is developed.

You won’t know unless you start exploring that for yourself.

Pick a practice and a time today.  Give it a go.  Try a few things out – but don’t give up until you have found what works for you.

Intuition is the most powerful tool you were gifted when you were born. Use it! It is guaranteed.

“Intuition is right, only 100% of the time” – Lester Levenson

You will be asked to make many big and small parenting choices for years to come. How will you tune into your intutive guide today?

With  much gratitude,







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