Intuition – Science or New Age Jargon?


I write and speak about intuition. But what exactly is intuition?

Lets define it first…
According to The Concise Oxford Dictionary (1964) intuition is an “immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning, immediate apprehension by a sense, and immediate insight.” Roberto Assagioli (1971) stated that intuition is “a synthetic function in the sense that it apprehends the totality of a given situation as psychological reality. It does not work from the part to the whole – but apprehends a totality directly in its living existence.” These define intuition as a process where information outside the area of cognitive thinking is immediately sensed, and translated in the body and mind as certainty of knowledge of feeling. Where did these definitions come from?

Science! Thanks to science, we now realize that we have so much more to learn, and that on numerous occasions, we had to adjust and correct the way we explained and understood things to be. One of these things is intuition. Recently, with the help of quantum physics, science has come a very long way when it explains what intuition is. Quantum physics has helped us understand the many complex, mysterious and magical ways our universe works. Many studies have been conducted on this subject, and for a long time, intuition was thought to be feelings based on past events, stored somewhere in our subconscious. The dilemma continued for a while whether or not intuition involved actual perception of something ahead in time, or if it was just stored experiences.

Quantum physics gave us the opportunity to understand what occurs in the subatomic domain. We now notice that in the subatomic world, there is an immediate communication between particles separated by massive amounts of space, where they behave as though they have “knowledge” of events – before the events actually take place. Studies that reveal this type of subatomic behavior and communication, have led to the revolutionary understanding that such space/time defying exchange of information leads to the inherently interconnected nature of the quantum world (Bekenstein, 2003; Gohm and HIley, 1993; Nadeau and Kafatos, 1999).

If subatomic particles have a sense of the events of the future before they have taken place, and react to them as though they have already occurred, then what does that say about our behavior in relation to future events? We’ve learned that we are all made up of subatomic particles, and so as a whole, we behave in the same manner as we do on a subatomic level. Therefore, (according to the studies), we behave intuitively. This is the nature of our being. And yet, we have somehow disconnected from this sense, because we focus more of our attention to our mind, instead of our heart and intuition.


I purposely mention the heart and intuition together. THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, Volume 10, Number 1, 2004, pp. 133–143, mentions a study they conducted in order to understand how the heart behaves intuitively. After comparing ECG’s (Electrocardiograms) and EEG’s (Electroencephalogram), they found that the heart was able to react to a stimulus about 5 seconds before it encountered it (meaning, before the brain encountered the stimulus). The heart was able to scan future circumstances and react to them ahead of time. This is intuition…

The heart is actually the “brain” of the body, and it is connected to every single cell of your body. Therefore, it instantaneously communicates to your whole being. If your heart can scan a future event several seconds ahead of the event and communicate it to the rest of your body, (before your brain does) then that paints a pretty good picture about one of the ways intuition works within us.

I believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to intuition, and our understanding of space/time communication. We are just now beginning to comprehend how energy truly operates in space, and we respond to it as energetic beings. What we are, is a massive composition of energy and subatomic particles dancing around closely together. The way we function is truly been magical and a mystery. Our evolution is leading us towards a greater understanding of who we are; what we are made of; and what is possible for us. And the more we come to know about intuition, the more we actually understand about ourselves, our planet, and our universe.


Intuition has existed for creatures and people since the beginning of time. There is nothing new (or new age) about it. Ancient civilizations continue to baffle us, and leave us in awe about what they intuitively understood, knew, and created thousands of years before us. Intuition was never denied or questioned…it just was. We strayed from our true nature of being, and yet our brilliant mind (thanks to scientific data), is once again allowing us to return to the true nature of our soul, and who we truly are.

Whether you choose to support your belief about intuition scientifically, or not, it remains a fact in our reality. It is available for each and every one of us. I still struggle to tune into it, because I too am a product of a disconnected world. With each new day however, I am slowly tuning into a more conscious world though, were I learn to trust the little voice that speaks to me all day long. The more I trust it, the more it proves its existence, and I am grateful.


Our world is truly a magical place. I hope you can slowly discover this magic as well. If you have any suggestions on how to follow your intuition, it would be a contribution to me and to all the readers. I would love to hear from you…in the meanwhile – your intuition is always present, waiting for you to tune in.




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