Creating THAT Future for Your Children



This is a bit of a funny moment that led me into some serious pondering…

I took my daughter to the rest room, and as she was handling her business, she looked up and asked me what our lives will be like when she is 45?

That’s a pretty serious question little girl!

She loves to shake things up.

All I answered was…

I wonder?

And I actually did begin to wonder….

What will the world be like for my son and daughter 40 years from now?

What is the world like today?

Is our world improving, or is it taking a turn?

We all know that there are days when the future looks bright, and there are days when it’s looking kinda cloudy.

It’s thoughts like that, that make me just sit back and try to picture the kind of world our children are growing into.

I’m led to look back on my childhood and overall life. I quickly notice how much slower and simpler life was. Truth is that if I asked my parents about their childhood, they would say the same about their time.

So is it possible then that this is simply the way life unfolds, and evolves for humanity?

Since my young adulthood, life began moving fast – faster than ever before in history.

We are moving fast towards an uncertain direction, and that can be a bit ungrouding.


From that thought I begin feeling unproductive feelings like concern, worry, blah, blah, blah. That never really gets me anywhere good. So of course I ask myself if there’s anything I can do to make a difference.

I’ve chosen to tune into this, and what slowly comes up for me is…

“To Trust”.

I am reminding myself to trust that I will make the right choices for them.

I trust that they will live an extraordinary life – as this is what they came here to do.

I trust that their natural resiliency will suppport them in handling difficult moments (such as keeping up, and not always fitting the mold – or going against the grain).

I trust that the universe (along with my husband and I) will give them the tools needed to take on challenges, and grow from them in order to make a difference in the world – wherever improvement is needed.

I trust that they will find their way, regardless of what bumps they hit along the road.

I trust that they will thrive.

I will be guided, and so will they.

Our reality is that life always throws curve balls – whether its a war, a famine, Great Depression, loads of wreckless media, diseases, etc.

What makes all the difference is how resilient we are, what tools we have, and our intention to expand and make a difference in our personal life.

Question is:

What tools can we bring into our life today, that we can support our children with, as well as pass onto them?

What can we model for them?

What path are we laying out for them now, in order to make their path a bit clearer and smoother?

In a society that focuses mostly on academics, filling up schedules with activities, and keeping the pace with what’s new, I believe it is just as important (if not more important) to equip our children with more than just material goodies, school grades, and gadgets.


It is also our responsibility to offer them a sturdy foundation, and tools in order for them to take on life as they will meet it.

We give them what we can today, so that they are capable of growing, expanding and finding their own tools as they journey on.

Without life’s tools, their professional degrees and material assets will only carry them so far.

Let’s nurture their souls, shower them with love, model how to take on life’s challenges productively, and be their supportive rock whenever they need a place to lean on.

From there, all else will come much easier.

So here goes: Today, I choose to do this by Trusting, and living a life that is True to me – as much as possible. And this requires me to constantly check myself, and how authentic I am being.

It all begins from the parents, and it all begins with Love, Trust and Authenticity.

Will you choose to model anything today that your child can soak up, and use when they take off on their own path (and are no longer sitting on a little toilet, looking up at you, asking you deep questions)?

What will it be? And how will it support them?

Today I am simply passing on my daughter’s food for thought – hope it gets you going, like it did me.

Wishing you all a gorgeous day,



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