This Mom Marched For “A Better Future For Her 5 Yr. Old Son”


It’s summer. A time to relax, kick back and enjoy mindless, fun activities like hiking, swimming, camping – or whatever your flavor is.

Yes…that would be the norm for summer, but in the mix of a relaxing vibe, we can’t help but feel the stir within our global community.

In light of the recent events, like the shootings of Alton Sterling, Philandro Castille; water supply almost gone for the people of Brazil; the federal government approving deals with mega-corporations to grow toxic food, and more…we can all sense in our bones that we need to step up.

Can you sense the unsettled feeling of what lies ahead for all of us – especially our children?

As much as we ‘d love to just kick back, moms everywhere are putting their chillaxing on hold, and taking a stand to build a better tomorrow for their kids. They’re taking on all sorts of topics that require leadership from the ground up. We’re all realizing that if we want things to improve, we have to actually improve them ourselves.

And so moms like Leshia Evans are taking off of work not for their summer vacation – but to travel to other cities and peacefully protest, and get arrested for a cause they believe in. And as Leshia said, it’s because she wants a better future for her 5 year old son. (In case you haven’t gotten word about protests going on all around our country, Leshia Evans was arrested by local police in Baton Rouge when she protested against the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castille).

Leshia (Ieshia) Evans Marched For "A Better Future For Her 5 Yr. Old Son"

Yes…we all want a better future for our children, and it will require a lot from us to create it.

The questions are…

What are we willing to give up, in order to create this better world for our kids?

And what cause do we support, expand and improve?

If we continue to stand by, hoping and praying for someone else to make it happen for us, we will continue to experience the devastating consequences of inaction.

Don’t get me wrong…prayer is a powerful tool that must be utilized, and we cannot proceed without – but we have to also realize that we will co-create this transformation, with the help of God, and community.

It’s time to step out of our comfort zones, and answer the Call to Action that our children are depending on us for.

And as moms, tuning into our feminine side – our heart; our love, and our compassion will help us make this all possible in a very different way than those before us did.

Approach the transformation you wish to see with Love, Prayer, Guidance, Empathy, and the Warrior within you. You will be unstoppable Mamma!

I have spent much of my time coaching amazing souls to achieve various goals in their lives, but these days, I’m turning my focus towards the mothers out there that wish to use their inner strength to create the life, and family they love.

Supporting moms to take on causes (from small to large), will allow for an amazing future for all of our children. It’s a magical win/win outcome for both my clients and myself, that opens up a world of possibilities.

Leshia (Ieshia) Evans Marched For "A Better Future For Her 5 Yr. Old Son"

I no longer wish to take on these causes on my own. I’m praying for a massive movement of mamma warriors at the frontline, that are taking stands like Leshia Evans, and changing the world, one family at a time.

I’m offering my experience, my knowledge and my support to all of you out there that are not sure where to begin, and how to go about it.

It is much simpler than you believe. And I’m here to guide you along the way to the world you wish to see. Whether you want to focus on something for your Self, your family, your community, or something bigger…I’d be honored to be a part of it, and take you through it.

Let’s do this mammas!

Join me, and let’s create a world that our children deserve.

With much love and peace,



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