Mindful Parenting – Trend or Reality?


Mindful Parenting: Easier Said Than Done

More and more these days we hear and use terms like “mindful parenting”, or “conscious parenting”, and although most of us want to parent with love, intention and consciousness, what exactly is involved in this style of parenting?  And how is it done?

If I were to ask 10 different moms this question, chances are I might get a variety of answers. How about conscious/mindful parenting is about taking a good, long honest look at ourselves, our children and what is taking place around us – and then sitting with it for a minute.

This is easier said than done, right?  Who wants to take a long, raw look at the good, bad and ugly of what is in front of us? Not many.  Most of us will make excuses, deny, avoid, brush off, procrastinate, defend, justify and basically do whatever it takes to avoid that honest reflection -because at the end of the day…we may have to do something about it.

What is it about personal work, and action that makes us take a quick right and hit the road?


Perhaps it is scary, or too much work…(I’m sure we all have our reasons).

But think about it…do we really have a choice?  What options are we weighing out here? Our children are depending on us to clean up our patterns, remove our hold ups, and show up for them – and the world that they are about to live into, in a way that is extraordinary.  If we don’t, chances are that the future we are creating for them doesnt look so bright from where I am standing.  Not with an increase in childhood disease and deaths, global warming, war, and all that is taking place around us.  The truth is…there’s a lot for our little ones to take on!

What Steps Can we Take to Hone in on Transformation?

At least ask yourself if we are leaving our children behind in a better world – or turning it over better than how we found it?

What do we really need to do to honor ourselves, our children and the future generation?

In my book, “Love Centered Parenting”, I mention ways to honor the whole child, by honoring ourselves and our ancient, intuitive wisdom.

I offer easy, simple and friendly guidance to spark your inner voice, because at the end of the day, all the answers are within you, and the actions necessary can be taken only by you. If you’re curious to hear a few of my suggestions, and how I took the long road to China to figure it out for myself, check out my book here

Self Reflection → Self Help →Self Improvement = Healthier Everything 

If you want to see any change take place in your family, and in your community, the change has to occur within you first.  An improved world, is possible through intentional parenting (or whichever way you choose to define it).

Its all about Actions, and getting deep in there to dig out what’s weighing you down/holding you back, and lighten up the load so you can get moving towards creating the life and family you love.


Take a good look today and ask yourself with complete honesty (don’t worry, no one will be listening to your answer), what do you need to do, to raise your children to live a healthy, abundant, and happy life – with a promising future ahead?

I’d love to hear some of your comments below.  Go ahead and share – you may inspire another reader somewhere, or perhaps someone will inspire you! And if you feel that it may spark some self inquiry within a friend you care about, or it may just shift something in anyone’s life, share and pass along the post!

There are so many areas that are begging our attention for improvement. Which one will you take on? And truly think about this – even for a few seconds…don’t just click away and move onto the next distraction! 😉

Whatever you choose, may it offer you and your loved ones much insight and movement.

With all my love,



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