Moms Making A Difference


Worry. Anxiety. Fear of what lies ahead during a confusing time in the world…sound a bit dark? I guess it can be, but that’s what many moms I’ve been meeting, and working with, are sharing with me.

I get it. I’ve been there (I shared all about my fear phase a few blogs ago! This powerful feeling takes over you, and you lose grip of your own steering wheel…and from there, you feel like you’re not in control of what’s happening, or what lies ahead.

I’ve got good news though.

That’s not reality. According to the law of physics, and the most brilliant minds on Earth, we are in complete control of our own reality, and whatever is happening now, is only because we still haven’t figured out how to grab the reigns, and create the reality we wish to see.

John Wheeler, an honorary Princeton physicist, helped us understand this in the early 1900’s when his research led him to state that “we are the architects of our own reality”.

Without getting into too much detail here, I think you’ve heard this before, and simply haven’t figured out exactly what to do with this new validation of your own power.

It may take time, (after all, who are we kidding? We spent hundreds of thousands of years thinking we are a victim of our own reality…so, we just have to work on rewiring some old, imprinted thought patterns).

But what I can share is this:

It all takes a single step in getting there.

Tweet: It means that you step out of the sidelines, and step into the game of life – where you play hard, and are fully committed to the game you choose to play.

There, you will find what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be done to reach the goal.

Moms Making A Difference

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve come to know me as not just talking the talk, but walking the walk, when I say this (I’ve added a few photos of my latest at the United Nations, and more below).

My children have ignited a fire in me, and it’s all about making a difference for them.

And just to come a bit clean here…I haven’t been posting bi-weekly as planned lately, because I’ve  created 3 full, sold out events, have been organizing my community, raising awareness, starting my non-for profit, and considering a few other opportunities that have knocked on my door. And so I’m so sorry for not being here in the last few weeks, but I promise that all that I’ve been working on, is offering great insight and growth that I’ll be sharing with you!

The 3 sold out events were attended by over a thousand people, and I’ve been floored but what it has sparked. My community is on fire, and in total action!

I’m in total bliss, and I’m watching my dream come true before my eyes. All I ever wanted was to inspire and support others, so that change can be possible.

I’ve coached moms on creating their own awareness events, on lobbying, on fundraising, on bringing change to their school cafeteria, on having screenings and talks, and I’m in the process of also launching a fundraiser, as well as a separate “walk” to raise awareness.

This is such a confirmation on what one project, and one person can do (although I had a great team that helped me put it all together).

One event, can trickle out and impact so many people, which in turn sparks a movement in your own backyard. From there, you have no idea how far reaching your actions will be – how many lives you will actually impact, just from what you’ve put out there.

People I’m working with are taking steps (from small to big), and taking an action that resonates with them – and they are passionate about.

Trust me, many are caught up in their own limiting beliefs and emotions, but with the right intention and tools, this all disolves!

Moms Making A Difference

Moms are fired up, and are excited to share that they will no longer stand by, and feel worried, anxious and fearful of what lies ahead for their kids. They will do something about it – anything…as long as they know they are doing something.

And that’s the way we move out of “things are happening to me” towards a more empowered state where, “I’m creating the world I wish to live in”.

Anything is possible, once you begin to play the game of life. It truly is, but you won’t relate to what I’m saying, unless you get in the arena.

So the question remains:

What will YOU do?

Will you play your part in creating a better world for your children?

Moms Making A Difference

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’m here for you, and happy to help clear a path for you to step in, and begin your own journey.

The time is now, and we’re all being called. We can do so much more, when we come together and support each other.

I’m thrilled to be joining hands with amazing people, that are supporting my vision, and helping me reach my goal. And I’d be just as thrilled to do the same for you.

Ghandi said, “The world will be saved by the western woman”.  That includes you (all of us).

Let’s fulfill that prophecy, and make it happen.

Join me, and let’s do this. You have it in you. I’m here to help you get started, and make it happen.

Extending my hand, and my love out to you,



P.S. I realized I haven’t shared any of my photos in action here – I mostly share all these updates/photos, etc. on my FB page, and LinkedIn. Follow me there for more personal updates on all my latest happenings!).

So, here’s a few of my photos from being in action this year – hope you like them!


That’s me and one of my teams, at the United Nations, where the world’s nations where addressed about the removal of toxins from our children’s future.


I’m opening the evening for the 3 sold out events on raising awareness regarding our children’s health and pharmaceuticals.


Keynote speaker at Yacht Club for Mom’s Retreat – I shared 3 simple ways that we can bring our whole self in creating a better world for the upcoming generation.


Book Signing Event for my book Love Centered Parenting.


One of my monthly organized meetings this year, where the community learned how to lobby their politicians for change.



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