New Book Release: Love Centered Parenting


Dearest Readers, Friends and Family,

Two nights ago, I came home and noticed 2 packages waiting at my door.  My heart was beating so hard that I could feel it.  While my husband was videotaping, the kids and I opened the packages and for the very first time…I held the first print of my book.  It was the first printed hard cover and the first soft cover.  I am not sure I can describe what this felt like for all of us, but I can share that I continued to hold it in my hands for the rest of the night!

booknewI can still remember the moment that this book was conceived 3 years ago, after my son had asked me to write a book with him one night.  We spent many nights writing his little book, until one evening we simply could not come up with an ending – we actually had writer’s block! After tucking him in, I told him that I would go to my room and see if I can come up with an ending for it.  Almost an hour later, I got tired of trying and simply clicked on “New” to create a new page.  For whatever reason, I immediately began typing as if I was some sort of typing race.  I realized that I could not keep up with the thoughts that were pouring out of me!  I typed into the night, and when I finally looked up, I had written the first 40 pages of Love Centered Parenting.

I guess you can say that it wasn’t writer’s block at all.  My son had actually re-ignited the writer in me that had patiently waited to be ackowledged again. I soon began to write once a week for a year – it sort of became a journal for me, and a healing form of self expression.  After some time, and much encouragement, interest and loving support from my family, friends, community and practitioners, the book began to take on its own life. It is thanks to my family and their contribution, that this book came to be.

Love Centered Parenting offers friendly guidance to help you find your own inner wisdom, so that you can clearly attune during your parenting journey. It is an intimate share about fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, sleep issues, diet, natural healing and healthy choices that encourages you to follow your intuition above all else.  As you read through the book, you will be reminded to tap into your innate intelligence so that you are left feeling empowered by your conscious parenting choices.

This book was created for all parents and children everywhere with the intention to create a loving, transformed world.

Today, I feel blessed to be able to share it with everyone.  You can find it at your online book retailer, at Barnes and Noble, and

I offer it to you…with all my love,



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