New Year Meditation

Weekly Mediation


Close your eyes. Take a few deep, long breaths, and simple let your body relax.

Imagine you wake up and it is the morning of December 31, 2015.  You are about to celebrate the end of 2015. You reflect back, and notice all that became possible for you.  All that you are grateful for. Whatever you envisioned a year ago, has come to life from all your intentional work. What is possible for you at that moment that wasn’t possible the previous year.  See what is present in your life now – all that you envisioned is now present.  See it.  If it is a partner, turn around and give that partner a hug.  If it is healthy children, see them running into your room all vibrant and perfect.  

See what is possible for you, and experience it. Enoy the visualization. 

Affirm: “This or something better will manifest for me now, for the greater good of all beings”



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