Our Legacy Is Our Child’s Future


Dearest Friend,

On Saturday I had a visit from an old aquiantance that we all have in common.

As much as noone wants a vist from this friend, he does come around unexpectedly, and we are all left touched on some level. And I was somehow a part of his visit – yes…I re-connected with Death, while my best friend had to watch her father leave his body and return home.

I’ve known her dad my whole life, and watching him go struck many cords within me. ¬†I personally have no attachment to death itself, or when loved ones leave us – but I have to say that I was surprisingly hit hard when it was time to say good -bye.

For the first time, I lost it during a funeral, and had to run out. It just kind of came out of nowhere while I was thanking him for bringing my beautiful best friend into this world. I was telling him that I couldn’t imagine my life’s journey without her – and from there I found myself in the church basement repeating the word “Shit!” over and over again, until I calmed down.

That moment sparked a sequence of experiences for the rest of the day.


I kept hearing a voice within me say…

Today you where given another chance.

Another day to fulfill on what you were meant to do.

When it is time for you to go, how many lives will you have touched?

What will your chldren most remember you for?

When you leave, what will you leave behind?

What difference did you make while you were here?

Did you fulfill on your agreements?

I was flooded with “what if’s”, and got lost in some place of reflection. I was in and out. One moment I would be celebrating his journey back to heaven, and the next, I was poked by questions and reflections.

It is amazing that when we brush up against death, we come to realize the importance of each day here.

There is truly something about death that brings you closer to living.

Insight kept trickling in throughout the day.

I was filled with the reality that we are not here to only enjoy the miraculous experience of life on Earth.

We are here to do something. Something with each other. Every single one of us plays a part in this. And if we don’t take on that part, we haven’t filled our piece of the puzzle. So we must come again for our contribution.

Thinking about all of our world leaders from the past, I noticed how they all had a major impact because of everyone that followed their lead, and continue to do so by living out their legacy today. Buddha, Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., just to name a few…

I am not saying to necessarily be a world leader (unless of course that is your calling), but we can be our family’s leader, our community’s leader, or take the lead to make a difference in any area of life for that matter.


For those that have been following my blog in the last year, you all know I speak to this often. I believe that many of us make a difference as individuals and as a family. I always say that if it wasn’t for my children, I would have never been doing what I am doing today. They have inspired me to shift things up in our world. I feel it is a must for them, and our future.

In addition to leaving behind all the necessities like a will, etc., I really want to leave behind a legacy for them.  Something that not only touched their lives, but really made a difference in their world. I want to leave their world, a better place somehow. Or at least better than how I found it.

And being surrounded by death on Saturday, really got me into a place of pondering. What am I doing here, and does it matter? How many do I want “it” to matter to? How many can I make a difference for?

The answer to that will be different for everyone, as it is a personal choice that must align with who we are.

But it is a question we should simply ask ourselves when we wake up to a new day. It will bring us closer to gratitude, and to our purpose. It will remind us that we have a role to play for the bigger puzzle, as we are all ONE big puzzle, with millions of pieces – and every single piece must be there in order for it to be complete. We are all still working on this, but I feel that with the rise of consciousness, we are getting closer and closer…faster than ever before.

And so this morning as I pulled out my toothpaste, I stopped and stared out the window. I took a deep breath and thanked the sun for rising for yet another day. I thanked all that is, for giving me another chance to do whatever I was meant to do.

That alone was so grounding and clearing. I felt really good, and still do.

I am sharing with the hope that gratitude and reflection fill your day today. We don’t always need our old friend “Death” to remind us – a simply friendly nudge from “Life” can do it too.

When you tune in, and something comes up for you that you are grateful for, or would like to fulfill on, please do one thing that brings you closer to that fulfillment today. It will matter to every single one of us.

What will it be? Please share it here, and with friends to pay forward the inspiration!

May your day be filled with joy, life and gratitude.



P.S. Thank you for all the insight Perry….I am passing them along for you. You are loved, and will be missed. May you journey home well.


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