Overloaded With Halloween Candy? Try This and Your Kids Will Happily Donate It!


Hi There,

Hope you had a fun Halloween weekend!

Just like pretty much everyone else, we like to dress up in our costumes, and go trick or treating (yes, I dress up too – Halloween is my favorite holiday!).

The kids LOVE going from house to house, and watch their bags fill up with goodies. I have to admit how much I DON’T love watching those bags fill, but I know by now, that my kids will happily donate a good amount of their treats when we go home.

How do your kids happily donate their Halloween Candy?

Let me introduce you to the Sugar Spice Fairy, a/k/a the Pumpkin Fairy. She has a beautiful story that I was told several years back at the school’s Parent Child Program.

She is a fairy that comes around once a year on Halloween.  She has many babies that only eat sugar and spice. As the Sugar Spice Fairy  watches how people generously offer treats, goods and laughter to children everywhere, she hopes that children will be as generous with her, and give her treats to feed her babies.

Sometimes children accidentally drop treats along their way, and she collects those, but she really hopes she gets a lot more from children everywhere to stock up for her family until next Halloween.


The children that are lucky enough to know about her, leave her a good amount of treats to last her the year, and in return, she leaves them a little orange fairy dust with something special for each child.  This special item is something the child appreciates more than the candy itself.

And so…

When we came home last night, my kids quickly made 2 piles – “Keeping” and “Going” piles. This year I was pleasantly surprised to see that they offered up almost all their candy. They kept about 10-15 pieces for themselves (I even asked “Are you sure?”).

They left the treats with a note for the Fairy in their rooms. So cute…

In return, the Fairy has given them beeswax, a wooden toy, earings my daughter asked for once, card games, and other little fun things they have shown interest in.

What happens to the Halloween goodies that the kids donate?

It is different every year for us, but here’s a few ideas:

  1. Keep a few to snack on yourself;
  2. Donate them for money at halloweencandybuyback.com (haven’t done this myself yet, but will soon);
  3. Use the candy to fill a pinata at the next birthday party;
  4. Bring them to the office and put them in a bowl in the reception area;
  5. Ask Dad to bring them to work to share with colleagues/employees.

The story of the Sugar Spice Fairy works for us because it allows the kids to enjoy the modern tradition of trick or treating, while they willingly give away some of their sweets – and we don’t have to face their strong grip on the goodies (please, its hard for me not to indulge on them sometimes!)


And so the Sugar Spice Fairy keeps the tradition fun, healthy, simple and loving for our family.

If this sounds like fun for you, its not too late to invite her into your home – it is only the day after Halloween, and she is still doing her rounds. 😉

Hope you enjoy this one my friends, and Happy Halloween!



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