Plans This Summer – Tips




Here’s a list of great websites with information on kid friendly and family vacationing places for you to stay. They include many items that you would rather avoid dragging along with you on vacation such a playpens, travel cribs, toys, books, games, movies, pools, swings, etc. They are usually much more affordable and much larger than a hotel room. Below this, is a list of items to bring with you to make your child feel more comfortable if he’s on his first few vacations.  – Family Section 

Baby Carrier
Umbrella Stroller (cost is $10-$15)
Car Seat if renting a car
Jacket or small blankie if traveling by airplane
Crayons and paper
1 Small Traveling game (like cards or chess)
A book for the airplane and to read before bed
Snacks for airplane and vacation, that you prefer to have
Sun Tent for baby (or you) to nap in while outdoors
A snuggie or whatever your child prefers to sleep with
Your preferred shampoo for kids
bathtub stopper (most hotels have showers and many babies prefer a little bath – this helps fill the tub a bit) You can also make one by wrapping a rock or any item with a glad bag. It helps stop the water from going down. Try it at home first.
Lots of diapers (or a good amount of cloth diapers to last a day and a half)

If, where you are staying is not kid friendly and does not have a crib, playpen, etc, then call them ahead of time and ask if you can bring them. In that case you should also bring beach toys, and a few more small games to play with your children. You may also want to bring some blue painter’s tape to childproof a few outlets, corners, etc. Also ask if they have a fridge in your room so that you can store items like milk, and any other snacks that you will purchase for your children that need to stay cool.
If renting a car, bring your own car seat. There are way too many stories about horrible, dirty, broken car seats that are provided by the rental companies, and they charge up to $50/per day – not worth it.


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