Real Food For Our Children – Tip


Food Tips

1- Best tip about food is to be your child’s role model. You can’t ask him to eat spinach and kale if you don’t.

2- Let your child help prepare the (new) healthy meal – if he sees it, and his glands get going, there’s a better chance he will eat it;

3 – Start slow – introduce one new healthy meal for 2 weeks. Make sure your child is hungry when you do;

4 – Mix the healthy food with something they enjoy – like broccoli with cheddar, or spinach with their mac and cheese. Also incorporate

veggies with other ingredients so that they can soak up the other ingredient’s flavor (like chicken stock);

5 – Don’t turn it into a batte – you’ll loose and its not worth the heart-ache;

6 – Stick with it for at least 6 weeks until their palate changes.

Good luck!


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