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Welcome back! I am finally settling from an awe – inspiring weekend, after raising awareness on a very important topic. With the help of a few parents, I organized a GMO Awareness Day that resulted in a room full of people (even a few standing); it got air time on NPR News, good publicity, and ultimately, it moved those that attended. It actually moved me as well. It opened my eyes to the significance of this topic, a bit wider. Last week, I mentioned that I would blog about a heartfelt way to celebrate the holiday season, and I promise you that I will (and I like to be a lady of my word). The GMO topic is so important at this time, and really tugs at my attention. So let’s give this topic what it needs…which is a little blog time. As I said before, part of honoring ourselves and our family is by honoring the physical body as well. What goes into our children’s body, allows them to have a vital healthy life, as they progress on their path. And since they cannot choose what is healthy for them to eat, it is our job to make sure we do the best we can for them.

You have probably heard about GMOs. What they are is genetically modified foods. The scientific community explains that GMOs have DNA combinations that are not found in nature and could never come into existence through traditional breeding techniques. It is impossible for bacteria to breed with corn without human intervention.
Example: The gene for a bacterial toxin (Bt) has been inserted into corn to make it
resistant to certain pests. Virtually every cell of Bt corn produces the toxin, including the kernels.

So I picture the genes of a pig, and a toxic bug being injected into each other and creating a new creature. These two would never mate naturally, but scientists are mating the genes of our food with other genes, in a way that would never occur in nature. On top of that, consider that other governments feel it is too harmful to keep in the environment. And now it is being fed to you. Would you choose to eat it? Well, maybe you would wonder about it first, and ask for someone to at least find out a little more about it before you just go ahead and eat it. Well, this is our food supply in the US. And scientists across the planet wondered what happens to us if we eat food that was genetically engineered with bacterial toxins. Well, they found out a fair amount of awful, harmful, toxic information, and so most countries decided to kick it out of their food supply. In fact, 64 countries chose to either kick out this engineered food, or at least have it labeled, so that people know it’s in the food they are thinking of purchasing. One of the many things the scientists found was, that mice that were fed the GMO food, either died shortly after, had gross birth defects, hair in their mouth, diabetes, depression, autistic tendencies, infertility, and the list goes on and on. Also, that it’s possible that most of our allergies are caused by the leaky gut these organisms create in our stomach. When the food leaks out, it goes into the bloodstream, causing us to get sick and have food allergies.


And, guess what, in this country, we still have to wait and hope for our government to decide to either kick out the Corporations that feed us this engineered food, or at least label what is GMO. In the meanwhile, this is what we feed our kids. Only that many people in the US do not know that it may be toxic to their health. So I thought, it is time to spread the word, and put together a full day of information on the topic so that we move to action. Move to ask our reps to vote Yes on Genetic Labeling of our Food. Part of the GMO event was to screen the film Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of our Lives, which interviews scientists, experts, farmers, parents, and more about the toxicity of GMO foods. I encourage you all to see this film, and screen it in your schools. It explains this topic in a much better way than I will here, and it is an eye opener – not to mention life transforming. In fact, at the end of my event, the attendees were hugging me and sharing that I changed their lives. This filled my heart. And this change needs to happen for all of us. What ever happened to plain, regular healthy food? If 64 other countries now understand GMOs and chose to have labeled or banned them, why are we still wondering about them in the U.S? Even China has banned them! Can the rest of the industrialized world have it wrong, and we have it right about GMOs? It is taking way too long for our country, our government and even for us to speak out about this topic, and create change. Fortunately, Vermont just passed their bill, and there are 26 other bills on the table in the US to label GMO foods. Right now, in NY, Bill A3525 is on the table and all our representatives need to be contacted, and asked if they will cosponsor this bill. I ask that you all visit them or at least call them today.

This a moral right issue. Having the right to choose what food we buy is our right. We should know what is in the food that we eat. And if it is harmful, then we should have the right to choose another, healthier option. Disease is increasing in the US. I do not want my child to be a lab experiment. I do not want to wait for all the good science to finally reach the government. I’d rather make my conscious choices now, and ask my government to step it up. This is about our kids and about our health. Nothing is of more importance. Let them hear our voices by being loud and clear about what we are asking of them. Acting out on this, will change our food industry forever, and FOR THE BETTER! This topic also affects our environment, and is tied into several other topics as well. Above all, it is a moral right issue.


We as parents have created much change and improvement in the world, thanks to our children guiding us, and demanding it of us. We owe it to them to have the ability to grow in a world that offers them a clean food and water supply – at the very least. Although there are many issues to bring our attention to, if we don’t have clean food, clean water, and a healthy planet, no other issue can exist. No planet…no issues. No people…no issues. We must first focus on the basic survival problems. Once we have a healthy food and water supply, we can then have the health, and ability to move onto the other matters that need improvement. We can offer this to ourselves, our children, our planet and our future. Let us honor our bodies and our world with vital, healthy sources of life.

If you have any questions on this topic, or would like to know how to screen the movie and get speakers from the film, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly. You can also leave a comment if GMOs have affected your life in any way, or any other comment you would like to offer to the growing Love Centered Parenting Community.

The event will soon be uploaded by the videographer for all of you too soon. Will keep you posted on that one…

Wishing you all an abundance of health!


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