Sex Matters – Weekly Meditation

Weekly Mediation

There are various forms of meditations available when it comes to sex and spirituality

The ones that I’ve enjoyed, are the kundalini meditations by Osho.  Visit for an abundance of meditations, books and information.  Choose what you resonate with.

When I need to connect further, I like to meditate and visualize my husband and I, as light beings.  Simply being together and experiencing a deeper bond.  This is a time for play for our spirit selves.  This reunites me with him at times when I feel detached.  Practicing this visualization before a conversation, lays out our communication in a very peaceful, clear and productive way.  It is much easier to transition to intimacy from there.

Practice closing your eyes and seeing each other’s spirits (or light beings).  Communicate, and honor each other.  Open your eyes and be reminded of who he is in your life, and in this world.

Indulge in each other’s presence…


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