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1. Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach in Path To Family Wellness Magazine

Children’s Health & Wellness, Parenting, Pregnancy & Birth, The Outer Womb. A beautiful piece on Inuitive Parenting from Path To Family Wellness Magazine. See full at: this link

2. Connecting with Baby Before Birth – See more full article on Mother Child Bonding During Pregnancy here

3. Parenting the Young Child – Warmth, Rhythm, and Loving Authority by Marcy Axness, PhD

4. The Importance of Inner Work and Parenting.  View full article – Clearing Space Before a Renewal by Maria Gavriel at Wise Mom Mag Article



1.  Creating Your Community Author Lisa Reagan. – See full article here



1. Benefits and Risks of Baby Formula See great article here


GMO Food (Genetical Modified Organisms)

1. World Health Organization (WHO) study shows link between cancer and glyphosate

2. GMOs Cause Tumors and Early Death in Rat Study – Informative Article here

3. Forbes Article Reveals that Largest Food Companies Are Following Consumer’s Lead and Going Non-GMO – read it here

4. Pig Study Shows Harmful Effects of GMO feed

5. Study Shows Direct Evidence Monsanto GMO Crops Are Harmful – Read the Science here

6. Monsanto found Guilty in France for Poisoning Farmers – Read verdict here

7. Non GMO Shopping Guide – Read and print this out here


Food (The Pro’s and Con’s)

1. Medical Journal – Study on how Sugar can be more harmful and attractive than cocaine here

2. Fruits and vegetables tested and may cause cancer if not organic

3. How Food Is Your Best Ammunication in Fighting Cancer

4. What Foods to Avoid In Order To Prevent Disease

5. Organic v. Non-Organic – what’s healthier?


EMF Radiation (Electromagnetic Frequency)

Excellent and undeniable scientific information on damages from Cell Phones.  The jury IS out…  here


The largest companies are not looking for great test scores, but great minds:  Read where and how you can explore this type of education here



1. Tending the Flame: The Link between Education and Medicine in Childhood by Philip Incao, M.D. Read article here



Why is the Vaccine Insert stating that Autism Is A Sideffect of Vaccines from the FDA? (1st Section on Page 11)

1. Medical Journals citing research studies on direct correlation between vaccines and autism

2.   Purdue studies about vaccine induced cancer, arthritis, brain damage and other injuries.

3.   How The Vaccinated Population is Spreading Disease

4. Adverse Effects of MMR Vaccine – medical journal

5.      Vaccine Study and Neurological Damage – Read Important Study here

6.   How Vaccinations Work by Philip Incao, M.D. – Read how the body functions here

7.     Aluminum Preservative in Vaccines – Read about Aluminumhere

8.     Aluminum and Neurological Damage – Read about the damagehere

9.   PubMed Medical Journal on Efficacy of Vaccines in Young Children – read article at

10.  PubMed Medical Journal on Importance of Gutt Flora and Immunity – read science here

11.   PubMed Medical Journal on Lack of Efficacy of Flu Vaccine – read science here

12.   PubMed Mecial Journal on How Flu Vaccines hampers immunity – read science here

13.    Herd Immunity cannot exist among Vaccinated Population – citing many scientific journals on lack of efficacy and harm of vaccines on our pure, god given body temple – hear it here

14. VACCINATED v. UNVACCINATED New Zealand Study –

15. Pub Medical Journal on Mercury Toxicity is Cause of Autism –

16. How Thimerosal and Ethylmercury In Vaccines lead to Disease – Pub Medical Journal Study –

17. Pub Medical Study – Mercury in Vaccines linked to autism –

18. Pub Med Study on Vaccinated v. Unvaccinated Monkeys –

19. CDC study showing increase in autism from Thimerosol –

20. Pub Medical Journal – Thimerosol and neurological disorders –

21. Pub Med Journal – Vaccines and Autism –

22. Pub Med Journal – Hep B Study induces death of cells –

23. Oxford Study – Vaccinated Population at higher risk of Measles than Healthy Unvaccinated Population –

24. Deaths In Canada Increase from Gardasil –

25. Pub Med Journal – Thimerosol Induced Brain Injuries –

26. Pub Med Journal – Peanut allergies and Vaccines –

27. Pub Med Journal – Study on Vaccine/Mercury Toxicity and link to autism and encephalitis –

28. Why Amish Population Doesn’t Have Autism –

29. Pub Med Journal – Vaccines and Autism –


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