Before working with Maria, I had this feeling like it’s not what I want to do. It’s not feeling right with me anymore. I want to make something that’s from me. And there was an incident last fall where I felt like I lost my whole support system.

My biggest hesitation was not knowing exactly what I wanted. I didn’t have anything concrete. But I decided to do it anyway. Every conversation I was on a high, and slowly things really did fall into place. I started to see changes in me, and now I feel no hesitation at all because I finally got the ball rolling.

And I actually have the ability to now finally take everything I learned in my toolkit and actually come back inside myself and see where the power is within me. Stop looking at other people. What do I have to offer?

I feel like all these pieces are coming together and she is the catalyst in making things happen. She’s key in having me follow my dreams and my soul’s purpose. This is what feeds my soul. And this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been talking to Maria every week.

For once, I am really and truly excited to see where it’s going next.

My biggest insight was tapping into myself, tapping into the relationship with God and the divine and really seeking divine guidance with stuff. We tend to go outside our body and we forget that we are so fully supported by the heavens and that constant connection that we can make.

I love Maria so much, she really makes you see how much to really honor yourself and where I’m at at this point in time. She’s one in a million. Maria is basically an angel by my side saying, so what’s next? What else? That constant little push and of course her amazing guidance too.

To anyone thinking about working with Maria, I want you to know this is an investment in yourself. Jump in, the time is now. Because otherwise years, months will pass and why wait, why put yourself on the back burner for that much longer? You’re not going to walk away with any losses, and you’re going to gain much more insight. For me, I just jumped in and did it, and so far this has been life changing.