The Beauty of a Community



We arrived back from an amazing weekend in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. We spent the weekend at Camp Glenbrook, which is a beautiful 240 acre property given to our children’s school. We were surrounded by about 50 families and friends from our school. Not only were we nourished by the stunning energy of this amazing place; we were also fulfilled by all the love and support offered by a diverse group of beautiful people we call our community.

On the very first day, after feeding the animals, and a warm egg breakfast from the farm’s chickens, my husband went sledding with my 5 year old daughter. To avoid crashing into a tree, he stuck out his leg to slow down, and sprained his ankle. Fortunately, our friends have various professional backgrounds, 2 of which were internal medicine doctors. They checked his leg and said it wasn’t broken (we were even able to get a second opinion right then and there! lol) I began treating his leg with essential oils to prevent bruising and swelling (3 days later he never got bruised or swollen). My friend gave him Arnica; my other friend (naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist) treated him with acupuncture; my healer girlfriend performed Reiki; and everyone else checked in with him all day. They offered him lots of laughs, live music, wine, pillows and loads of love. I was supported by parents constantly watching our children, and making sure I wasn’t overwhelmed. This long weekend pajama party allowed all of us the opportunity to get to know each other on an even deeper level than before. It also bonded the children together as family. It was an unbelievable feeling to be held in this way by so many.


I am so grateful for this experience. This is something I always wanted for myself and my family. I always wanted to cultivate community. I knew way in advance that my choice in life, sometimes felt like swimming against the current. About a decade ago, not many people agreed with the choices I intuitively made for my family. I know of friends that have even been kicked out of medical offices for doing what they felt was best for their children. For too long, I felt the feeling of being alone as a parent. Until I decided to create something so that my lifestyle and choices are more empowering and supported. I followed blogs and interacted in cyberspace with many like-minded parent. This was a relief for my husband and I. Eventually, we found a Parent Child program that supported our values and way of life, through the Waldorf School. We felt right at home. We found a community where not only did we feel supported, but it was a place to exchange and share information, a place to express ourselves and vent, to support others – to reach out to mentors for guidance; and a place where new friendships blossomed. Our children now enjoy an education where they are supported in mind, body and spirit. They thrive socially and have amazing bonds with their friends.

Thanks to all this support, our intuitive choices are never given a second thought now. Our inner GPS is better than ever, and we now enjoy the rewards of all that we have given to our children. Witnessing their beautiful life unfold, as they are nurtured physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually via their home life, school life and social life is a blessing. This was something we searched long for, we prayed for, and we helped create. It is not always just handed to us, nor do we always stumble onto it. Sometimes, we have to go out and find it or create it ourselves.

May this blog serve you in any way you would like it to. Ultimately, I would love for it to grow into a forum where we all begin communicating with each other, so that we can support one another on our journey to raising our children with our best intentions – and always coming from the heart.

With all my love,


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