The Power of Parenting Instincts


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

Scientific visionaries like Einstien have helped bridge the gap between science and spirituality.  Many people still cannot see the connection that science and spirituality share, but thankfully, new science is supporting this bridge more and more with modern studies.  When we become attuned with our spiritual side, we slowly begin to notice how this inner voice gently guides us. Science calls it instinct, others refer to it as intuition; some say it is God; I sometimes call it an inner GPS. It is what every creature oun Earth has been gifted – kind of like a compass for life.  It is what has allowed our species to thrive in our world today. It is what humans have always depended on to survive and guaranteed the suvival of our species – by raising healthy children to continue on for generations. How important is it to keep the volume up on this inner voice in today’s culture? In today’s society, we are experiencing an obvious nose dive in family values, children’s health, and

in families trusting their own instincts to do what is best for their children. If parents re-connect with their instincts in the way early humans did, and raised their children from that place of wisdom and guidance, what would the world look like today? If we are no longer told what is best for our children, and we had to trust ourselves to do what is right, would current society take a turn for the worse, or would it get better?

The Power of Trust

Somewhere along the road, we were told we are incapable, and we were stripped of several parenting gifts. We have been “told”, that we are incapable of delivering babies, making the right choices for our children, supporting our children, and basically incapable of doing what every creature on earth does – and what humans have been doing since the beginning of our time.

The more this subtle message is delivered to us, the more we begin to believe it.  And as a result, we find ourselves feeling more confused and uncertain about what is best for our family. We hardly tune in any more to ask ourselves for direction. The less we use our intuitive muscles, the weaker they become, and we no longer remember what it feels like to trust, and be guided from within. At that point, we allow ourselves to be  guided by other sources.  And no external source can guide you, in the same way that you can guide yourself, for the basic simple fact, that noone knows you (and your children) as well as you do. Not to mention that our past teaches us that, when we are guided by external sources, we may be led to a non productive place (to say the least).


Intuitive Sense

What would happen if we began to trust this inner guidance again? We would slowly begin to understand what it feels like – physically – to have a gutt feeling about something.  We may even begin to hear the inner sound of our soul speaking to us. Some of us notice how it was always there, and we may even remember times when we didn’t listen to it, and now know we should have.

The more you begin to follow through on this inner GPS, you will notice that you are led to the right place.  And the more you are led to the right choices, the more your trust grows.  The more you trust yourself, the more you follow your instincts, and from there, you grow more and more attuned with your inner wisdom.  You are guided by a divine place that has no other intention other than what is best for you, your family and others.

The Power of Instincts

I recently shared a link about a mother, Kate Ogg, that brought her dead baby back to life after holding its limp body for 2 hours. This Australian mom was quoted saying that, after her premie baby was pronounced dead, something inside of her told her to just hold her baby near her heart and give it all the Love that she and her husband could give.  And so they did, and she talked to it, hugged it, stroked it for 2 hours, until suddenly, the baby gasped its first breath of air. The baby is still well and alive today, 5 years later.

I do not want to take away anything from modern medicine, science and experts.  My intention is to reveal that when it comes to a mother’s love and intuition, modern medicine simply cannot compare to what may be possible.  The power of love and instincts surpass what medicine, techonology and a meticoulously researched expert can offer us. It can even perform miracles like bringing a child back to life.


And so the message is to follow your instincts first, and then find the expert that can support what your inner wisdom is guiding you to do when it comes to your children.  And of course, join a community so that you have the support to follow through on your lifestyle choices – so that  instead of feeling isolated, you are actually enjoying like – minded friendships.

In my book, Love Centered Parenting, I offer many tools and suggestions as to how we can all reconnect with our own expert and our inner GPS.  It is important now more than ever to follow what we feel is best for our families, so that we can support our children and raise them in a healthy and balanced way.  It is our responsibility to guide them in this life, to fulfill on their purpose, so that they can lead the life that they dream of. And that is possible only when we have the courage and support to follow through on our inner voice, so that we can create the family that we always dreamed of.

May this inspire you to tune in at least once today! As always, feel free to connect with me for any support, and of course leave a comment if you’d like to share and inspire!

Wishing you all many blessings on your parenting journey,


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