The Worst Advise I Ever Gave On Fear


I’m starting this one off with some raw, honest sharing.  This may surprise you, but I’ve been overcome by fear. In the last few days, I lost my grip on my own mental steering wheel, and fear is now in the driver’s seat. 

Totally sucks when this happens – fear’s the STRONGEST feeling that runs our programming, and like everyone else…I’m completely challenged by it. Better yet – I’m bugging out!

What’s most interesting is how my awareness, is allowing me to simply look at it from an outside perspective, and just notice what it’s up to – mmm…still doesn’t make me want to face it just yet, but I’m definitely taking notes at what it’s doing, and what I can learn from it.

What am I so afraid of?

Reform – Improvement – Transformation – Action


I definitely am. This is what I live and breath! This is what I work on every single day. This is growing to be my life’s work, and yet, I’m immobilized by my own fear. Really??

I’m trying my damn hardest to re-align, and go back to “center” within me, and yet fear is just running the tape in my head.

So in my meditation I had to ask what the hell am I so afraid of when it comes to creating a better world!?

Guess what? This may sound funny, (and it is), but I’m afraid of an adult version of the “boogie man”. Seriously – I’m afraid of something made up, that exists only in my head and nowhere else around me.  I took an honest look at what’s really standing in my way, and what I’m afraid of, this is what my mind said…

“Do I want to be that visible? Can I truly take on my own vision? It’s just too big”;

“I’m afraid of what will happen to my family and I, if I really take on the reform that I wish to see – are we strong enough to withstand the challenges that come with bringing on change?”

“I’m worried about how it will affect me, and the simplicity I’ve created for us”;

“I’m even afraid of how the governement will react to my community bringing on such big change, (since so many mega-corporations are actually now in the White House running our government”. They probably won’t want the same improvements that I envision – how will they react?”.

A lot came up in my head, and it was time to notice it, and then be silent. Silent enough to hear my own soul.

And here’s what I realized…

It’s all in my head.


Look around – noone is standing in your way. It’s just you. You’ve created a “boogie man”, a figment of your imagination, in the same way you were worried to sleep as a kid, because someone might be under your bed.

Reality check: Noone’s there. It’s just you. Get out of your own way.

The path ahead of me is clear, and at this time there are no real obstacles in front of me, so why not forge ahead?

Ok…history does tell us that when we take on an established system, there’s a good chance that we will be challenged, and may not come out of it with a few scratches and wounds, but in the face of what may happen if we DON’T do anything about it, the results can be much worse.

When you have scientists making statements that we have a 50/50 chance of making it through the 21st Century, I say f– it. Take the risk and hope to make improvements where needed, as quickly as possible, regardless of what we may get hit up with along the way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still working on re-aligning myself so that I can feel empowered to march on with all the issues I’ve taken on. I am not rushing through the process though, because I’m beginning to notice a hidden treasure within the gunk of fear, and I’m not quite there yet.

Here’s the thing…I’ve been picking up an overall theme after my talks in the last few weeks.  In case you haven’t followed me on FB, I have been speaking much more these days, with the intention of inspiring and activating moms to take on, and improve any issue they feel most passionate about.

There are so many challenges that our kids are facing today, that need to be remedied by loving, passionate leaders.

And although, moms are fired up, and ready to go, they also share with me how scared they are. I always respond by saying that there’s much more to fear, if we DON’T do something, and to simply weigh our choices out that way. I always say that they shouldn’t let it stand in their way. Sure – easier said than done!

I have to admit – I never fully connected with their fear. I didn’t want to because I knew it would only just stand in my way as well. But fear came knocking on my door too…

And what I’m beginning to see is that the only way I can truly connect with the people that I wish to inspire, is by understanding and being compassionate to what they are feeling – not disregarding their powerful feelings.


Boy, do I really get it now. I have an image of shackled warriors that are shackled by their own mind – or a made-up “boogie man” who doesn’t truly stand before them.

And if he ever manifests to the real thing, would they truly let him harm their children? No, they would fight him to their last breath to make sure their children are safe, and can enjoy the life they deserve.

This “boogie man” would be removed as an obstacle, and mom would keep forging that path towards a better world – a world filled with abundance, health, opportunity, clean air, clean food, clean water, and endless possibilities!

So even though I too am scared, I say…bring it on.

I will use all my tools to re-access my powerful abilities to create a reality that I wish to see for my kids.

And whenever fear decides to appear and run my program for a minute, I’ll let it have its fun – and in return I’ll gain greater wisdom about myself, and this journey. I’ll allow it to be present, only to serve me – not hold me back.

So it’s not a matter of not being scared.


It’s about taking a minute to notice it, and how it can best serve you in your goals – and then to just continue plowing forward towards your destination.

We are all in this together. As parents, we all hope and dream for a beautiful future for our children. And it’s up to us to make it a reality – our little ones depend on us for it, and although we can sometimes be terrified, let’s show them that our fears will not get in the way of our love for them.

I’m right there with all of you these days. And I’m grateful that I can share the ups and downs of this journey, as well as support you in yours – in the end, we are on journeying here together.

I’m sending you all light, love and peace with this.


P.S. If you are feeling the same, I’d love to hear from you.  There are thousands that follow and visit my blog, and your story can really comfort and normalize another moms fear that is trying to hard to overcome her own fears in making a difference. Please share generously – not just for yourself, but for the overall community of game changers out there that wish to join a similar vision for a better world. Just like you and me…


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