Unplug, Recharge, Put Life on Pause – The Benefits


Hey There!

I have returned from being away for a month overseas, soaking up beauty, culture, and continuous insight. I’ve recharged mentally, spiritually, physically and ready to share much of what came through for me while I unplugged from the western world, and…plugged into Spirit, Self, nature and family.

(Here’s a little photo of the unplugged, natural version of me)

My intention was to unplug from anything that would distract me – to the point where I gave free reign to my team to keep my business flowing without me (clients included).

Hold the phone on that one for a sec…

This was HUGE for a recovering perfectionist, overachieving type A personality like me that runs several businesses!

Seriously – it was an enormous leap of trust for me. Usually, when I travel, all is put on pause until I get back. As a former perfectionist who has learned much about letting go, vulnerability, trust, and the true meaning of leadership, this was a sweet validation of where my personal growth has led me. I seriously had no attachment to anything going on back home. (Not for my companies, not for the bills, the house – nothing). All was taken care of, and I can immerse myself in my experience overseas.

And so my first big step in stretching my capacity was to just leave it all behind…I had to fall into Trust that I had hired the right people to take over, and whatever came of this choice, was all there for my learning and expansion.

I trusted that all my clients were perfectly capable of taking a month off of their personal development, and that all is meant to play out for them exactly as it should (although I left them with my pre-recorded, customized, helpful videos with tools to integrate into their work).

Ends up that the month off was perfect for everyone, as they shared their powerful breakthroughs this past week.

What I got off the bat while away was how we desperately need to connect with Spirit and our deepest desires, as these are what really drive us here. All else is secondary, and if we focus on the secondary, and not what’s really important – why we’re truly here, and what we should be doing, we begin to feel lost; disconnected; and we begin to feel the sense that something is missing.

Only from this space, we are truly LIVING.

Only from this space, we are clear on what to do, and how to do it.

This is the space where you operate with love, conviction, determination, direction – where you can parent, partner, and succeed, because it is authentic. It is true to you. It is aligned, and you’re clear on every step you take.

In order to get to this space, I personally need to completely free myself from distractions, earthly demands, calendars, to-do’s, etc, and experience real freedom.

Freedom to breathe, live, tune in, and receive love, and insight.

In the next few posts I’ll be sharing what it truly means to unplug, and plug into Spirit, Soul and Nature, and so much that continues to be downloading for me – and as you know, I firmly believe that this is not meant for me to keep all to myself, but meant to be passed on to support others on their adventure.

The mantra that consistently came through last month was: “Learn, Grow, Pass it On.”

And so here I am…back home, and excited to pass it on to you.

Stay tuned, and in the meanwhile, I invite you to explore ways that support you in connecting with your Spirit, our Divine Source of Life, and your Guides.

Take a deep breath, and ask yourself:

How full of guidance and clarity is my day today?

What’s one action I could take to turn up the volume, and deepen my connection with my Self and Source?

I’d love to hear from you, and support you with any questions, or comments you have! I’m always here for you.

With enormous love and gratitude,

P.S. If there’s a friend that is face deep in to-do’s, work and responsibilities this summer, that can use this gentle reminder and inspiration from a fellow “over-achiever”, click the share button below, and pass it on!

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