A New Year


Happy New Year To All!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and a fun New Year’s Eve. We are officially back from a cozy, family break. My goodness was it nice to just unwind for a minute! My husband and I shared how we had a fulfilling time being together the last 2 weeks, and then off he went to work.  As I walked my children to their bus stop this morning, I observed how much around me was just the same as it was before our holiday break – kids returned to school today, and parents are back to do doing whatever it is they were doing before the break.  A new year has begun, but what exactly is new for us today? I realized that as all the excitement of the new year coming in is beginning to settle, we are simply continuing where we left off last week.  So what will it take for something new to actually be present for us this year? We all wish each other and ourselves and amazing year ahead, but will it all come to be, from simply “wishing” and “wanting” it? It will actually become our reality by

first realizing what it is we would like out of this year.  If for a moment, we time traveled ahead to December 31, 2015, and we were looking back on the year, what is it that we would feel fulfilled about? What about the year would make us feel like it was one of the best years ever? What became possible for us?

Self Reflection

This is obviously a parenting blog, but you may have noticed that most of my blogging is somehow connected with our individuality as well.  We cannot expect to enjoy an amazing family experience, if we ourselves are not complete in areas of our own life.  I continously revisit the importance of honoring ourselves in order for us to be able to honor our families, and our world.  Whatever we fulfill on, is directly experienced by all family – it trickles down to our children, as well as up to our parents.

And so looking forward to this new day, of this brand new year, ask yourself what you would like to create for yourself, your family, your community and your world. Take it one at a time.  Start with yourself – it all begins there. Ask “What will 2015 look like for me?” See what answers come up.  Write it all down (even if its not positive).  Simply express it all on paper. Then ask yourself “What is possible for me in 2015?”, and write it all down.  Then, “What actions will I take to fulfill on this?” The answers to this question are your key to experiencing the year you envision. These answers are what will propel you towards what is possible. They are the fuel, and the grease to your wheels so that you are not stuck in your tracks.

Actions Create Reality


Start a schedule that will keep you in motion about these actions. Begin today! For example, if you plan on spending more quality time with one of your children, plan a day that will work for you. Put it in place on your calendar. Add to that any reservations or actions needed to fulfill on your parent-child play date. Set an alarm for them, so that you are reminded, even when many other responsibilities are tugging at you in your fast paced life. Once the alarm goes off, if you’re in the middle of something, then simply hit snooze – if it doesn’t work for you to take action for that plan that day, then move it to the following day.  As long as it is still in place, somewhere in your schedule, you will be accountable for it, and it will happen.  Don’t let it get lost somewhere.  Keep moving it if needed, but keep it written and in place on your calendar.

This is how you create integrity with yourself, and your life so that can begin trusting that you will honor your agreements and plans, in order for you to live the life you love. You cannot simply “want” a loving, and healthy family. You have to actively create it, by investing your time and actions into it.  If you are simply “wishing” and “wanting” something to be, you will ultimately be left feeling frustrated, resigned and wondering why life is not working out they way you “want” it to.

Be Creative

Since you do not want a year to pass without fulfilling on dreams and goals, you pretty much have only one choice.  To actively cultivate and create 2015 in any way you’d like. Paint your life’s canvas exactly as you want it!  Let your creativity flow. And if you feel the need for tools to get over self sabotaging bumps and hurdles, then reach for a modality that will guide you through, and onto the next step in your life.

It may be a new modality of school of thought, or something that has always worked really well for you, but either way, DO SOMETHING! Life is all about reflection that leads to transformation. And it is endless, because evolution is endless! That is what we are all about, and so…will you have a year just like last, or will you cause something completely different for yourself in 2015?


I personally have chosen to create a successful year for my new book, so that its message can reach as many as possible.  I have begun filling my calendar with days for a radio tour, book signings and public speaking.  Feel free to check out my calendar for more information!  I am also actively staying committed to our family time, my personal time and to my friendships.  They are most valuable in my life, and all else comes second and easier when these areas of my life are healthy and abundant.

I also want to express how grateful I am for your presence, and how truly important it is for me.  In 2014, I planned to begin a blog to connect and get a message out across the broadband.  Your support is what allowed this dream to manifest into reality for me, and I sincerely thank you for joining this community, for reading and sharing, and for simply being a part of my life’s dream.  I look forward to offering much more to you in 2015, and if there is anything that you would like to hear more about, please feel free to comment or to contact me directly through the site.

And so my friends, it is a new year, a new day…what actions will you take today for a blessed, abundant, fun and healthy year ahead? I invite you to comment and share freely whatever it is you would like for the next 360 days.  If you have any actions and plans in place already, please inspire us with them!

Sending you all much light during your process,


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