What Difference Does It Make if I Vote for Hillary or Trump?


Am I going to get political on you? Yes, let’s go there, and here’s why:

Because you matter; your children matter; and our global community matters. And whatever actions you choose to take (that includes inaction), all of the above will be impacted. And not just today, but for the years to come. Don’t get me wrong – politics can get nasty, and this time…it’s the nastiest they’ve ever gotten (can it possibly get any more revolting from both ends?).

And what I’ve been hearing lately is that people are so revolted by both candidates that they will simply not vote at all. Here’s where we have to take caution – making choices from a place of resignation can be extremely dis-empowering, and trust me, feeing this way for the next 4 years, is no party… so what do you do?

Now – if you’re not voting because you find something powerful in that choice, such as not actively participating in any candidate because you choose to not be connected to anything that may come of their presidency…that’s a totally different story. Follow your heart.

I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, and I’m also not here to say you should vote for either.

What I’m saying is, you can still get to the ballots, and vote for your local representatives/legislators.

What Difference Does It Make if I Vote for Hillary or Trump?

They’re the ones that make your laws; they’re the ones that bring the Bills (with new laws) to your Governor to sign into law. Your local representatives are the ones that your hard earned tax dollars have hired to make sure they represent you, and your community according to what’s important to you. It’s these laws that impact your state, and your daily lives, and if you don’t know who your local rep is, just plug it in through my resource page, and find out. Call their office, and let them know you’re wondering who to vote for this coming election, and you’d like to know where he/she stands on an issue your concerned about.

Trust me – This will impact you, your family, your community, your entire State, and even your entire country – and from there, you have no idea how much further out that impact can trickle out. I know my local reps support my main concerns such as our local water, Non-Gmo food, parental freedoms, local safety, and much more. Through many years of working closely with several of them, they’ve realized there’s a movement for many of these causes, and they support us, in the same way we support them to keep their seats.

So if you’re thinking of voting for a president this week, great – just tune in and ask yourself why, and what information your decision is based on. This way, if your children ever ask you why…you have a well informed answer to back it up. If you’re not voting for a president, DON’T stay home. Vote for your local reps. Call them, meet with them, and find out which one you’d like to keep, or bring in to represent you.

My experience on the ground reveals that your voice is much more powerful than you know.

What Difference Does It Make if I Vote for Hillary or Trump?

As you model the importance of “choice” and the power you have locally…you’re children are watching closely, and taking note of how they can one day make a difference in their world. This act alone, has the most impact for our children – they need to know that change is up to them. And we can show them how it’s done.

“It takes each of us, to make a difference for all of us.” – Unknown

I’m here if you have any questions about reaching out to your local reps – just drop me an email…

In the meantime, keep being that change you wish to see, and regardless of who is voted in – we are the ones that will make that change happen.

With much love and hope,




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