Starting Your Day With Brand New Opportunities


Today I am putting myself out there.

I feel the need for authenticity, and so here goes!

I’ve been off center, irritable, and simply not myself these last few weeks.

So yesterday morning, I went for a run to release some of my discomfort. At the end of my run, I ended up at the pier for my morning sun salutations.

As I began to greet the sun, I noticed that I couldn’t bring myself to a genuine heartfelt greeting. No – the truth is…I wasn’t feeling very grateful at that moment.

How could I be?

“Defeat” was echoing throughout my body. Defeated because everything I’ve been working for, for myself, my family and our world community has gotten a heart breaking hit in the last few weeks.

I let it be, and continued on. As I moved into my second sun salutation, I tried to greet the sun with gratitude, and again – it just wasn’t there.

How can I be grateful, when innocent children and families are terrorized in their homes, schools and churches? How can I be grateful, when our parental civil liberties were just stripped from us in California (and throughout the world); how can I be grateful when once again, our GMO bill wasn’t passed and there is so much disease that today’s generstion is born into?

Can I truly feel good when there’s so much in the world to not feel good about?

I let the thoughts pass through me, and continued on.

As I moved into my 3rd salutation, the sun beamed on my face so brightly. Although my eyes were closed, I squinted from the intensity of the sunlight.

And it hit me.

“The sun is up” “If the sun rises for yet another day, there’s still room for yet another possibility.” (feel free to spread this one with a tweet!)

I got it…

No matter what turmoil, chaos and darkness takes over our planet…if the sun rises, and we are alive for another day here, then we have the chance to create something different.

There is room for hope with every new sunrise.

I was reminded that I was given another opportunity to create a new reality, by doing things differently.

We are all given this opportunity with every new morning we wake up.

At that moment, gratitude for the sun and the new day, became present and I finally took my first deep breath. Oh…did I need that!

And so I continued on.

I moved into my downward dog pose, and as I was upside down, I opened my eyes.

I began laughing.

I looked out into the bay, and saw the water, the geese and everything around me – upside down.

The insight that flooded in next was…

No matter how you choose to see the world – upside down; sideways; slanted; dark; light, etc., the world is still the world. Your perspective is what chooses how you view this reality

Choosing my viewpoint, will make all the difference.

Ok…I finally began to feel different throughout my entire body. I shifted from fear, defeat and concern to lightness, humor, insight and clarity.

Fear was fully dissolved by the sun, and hope filled my space. I was at ease again.

What I was processing felt true, and really good.


“Thank you for another day; and another chance to be here and fulfill on my true purpose”, I whispered.

If I am here for one more day, I can still make a difference in anyway I possibly can.

I thanked the sun for its commitment to rise every single morning, no matter what is going on.

Yes, it was hope rushing through me – hope to create the world I envision.

A future full of possibility for myself, my children, and for all the children they will share this world with.

We are all given this opportunity every single morning our eyes open to welcome a brand new day.

A chance to fulfill on what we came here for. The opportunity to create the world we want to live into; the world we want our children to live into.


We can choose to be engulfed by “what is” or change our perspective and take actions to make a new reality possible that can benefit not just ourselves – but hundreds of others.

Today, I chose to share myself in this intentional way for a reason.

I don’t believe this insight came just for me to hold onto – and it is not meant to stop with me.  It is meant to spread and be shared. And this is the perfect place for me to share it with you.

My intention is to touch, move and inspire you into action, to take a step closer to where you want to be.

Today, you are given another chance.

I am committed to supporting you in any way – on any level. I will offer tools through my blog posts, facebook page and newsletter for the next few weeks. Please make sure to follow my social media for daily tips, shares and insights.

You can start by declaring and affirming today. Now. Here…

What will you bring into Today?

Type it below, put it out there, inspire others and go for yours!

With much excitement and all my love,



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